Only available to current banner advertisers, our advertorials are inserted in the story rotation. Our writers will develop interesting content and take care of all the behind-the-scenes work (writing, editing, photography and publishing).

Great for any campaign looking for attention. You can convey your message clearly with a full page article including pictures in our daily updated newsfeed. Our readers will see your message as content which can be shared, like, and seen as news on facebook. Feature your message in our story rotation. 


$200/per advertorial

Need proof that an article will impact your business? A recent article about flag vandalism resulted in a massive community outreach that replaced the flags through a series of donations. In another instance, a TurlockCityNews.com article reunited a Ceres resident with their lost dog, found in Turlock. These are just a few recent examples of the outreach an article can produce.

Reach out to our readers directly through our content! Reach our readers and friends on Facebook, while providing them with content pertaining to your business. Allow readers to focus on your business and get their attention. It’s not possible to like or share banner ads but it is possible to like & share advertorials. And our readers LOVE to like!


Your content can be liked and shared.