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Welcome to the content submission area. This is a moderated but not content controlled page for our readers submit their own original content and pictures for various areas of our website. Currently we are accepting submissions for:

  • FOR SALE (Submit a listing for selling anything.)
  • GARAGE SALE / YARD SALE (Submit a listing for an upcoming yard/garage sale.)
  • REAL ESTATE (Submit a real estate listing for a property on sale.)
  • LOST PETS (Submit any lost pet or animal. Pictures are highly encouraged.)
  • AROUND TURLOCK (Submit any PICTURE you’ve taken from around Turlock, please include a short blurb.)
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Submit a Happy Birthday announcement for friends or family.)

More sections will be added later.

Submissions are moderated before being published, so please keep it clean, relevant, and respectful. Also take caution when sharing any personal information online.

1. If possible, upload a picture with your post!

2. If you want readers to contact you, leave your name and contact method in the article. We will not publish the name you enter in the Name* box.

3. Leave a real email, we may need to contact you to discuss something in your post that may be holding it back from being published. 

4. If our team thinks your post may be false in any regard, we reserve the right to decline to post it.

5. If possible, use a square image for your submission. Long and tall submissions may not appear very well. For best results and the possibility of being shown on the home page of, please size the image to 600px wide by 450px tall.

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