Coronavirus Live Updates

March 16

-Turlock USD To Close Schools Thursday, Meals Will Be Provided To Kids:

Below are the grab-and-go locations:
Wakefield Elementary School, 400 South Ave.
Osborn Elementary School, 201 N. Soderquist Rd.
Cunningham Elementary School, 324 W. Linwood Ave.
Crowell Elementary School, 118 North Ave.
Turlock Junior High School, 3951 N. Walnut Rd.
Julien Elementary School, 1924 E. Canal Drive.
Dennis Earl Elementary School, 4091 N. Olive Ave.


-Trump says coronavirus crisis could stretch into August, may look at lockdown for ‘certain areas’
-President Donald Trump said Monday that the U.S. may be able to get the new coronavirus outbreak under control by July or August at the earliest.
-Trump also said his administration may look at lockdowns for “certain areas” or “hot spots” in the nation, but said he wasn’t considering a full national lockdown.
-The latest daily briefing came as the number of infections and deaths from the COVID-19 virus continued to rise in the U.S.

-No gatherings, restaurant meals in California now, Gavin Newsom directs
-Gov. Gavin Newsom said Monday evening that Californians should stop gathering in groups entirely for the foreseeable future and that he now recommends restaurants stop serving meals in their establishments.
-The Democratic governor said his new recommendation for restaurants is intended to align the rest of the state with the Bay Area counties, which allowed restaurants to continue operating, but only for take-out and delivery.

-Coronavirus reactions: California Grocers Association pleads with shoppers to stop overbuying
-“The main message is, there’s plenty of food, there’s plenty of supply but delivering it to our stores and trying to keep up with the buying patterns of hoarding and overbuying is an impossibility at this point,” said Ron Fong, Ce and President of the group.
-To meet demand, Safeway announced they are hiring immediately – 2,000 openings for stores in Northern California, Western Nevada and Hawaii region – including delivery drivers.

City to Declare Local Emergency Declaration

-What Stanislaus educators are doing to prepare as prolonged school closures near

-COVID-19 Update: Regarding Suspension of Face-to-Face Classes
-All face-to-face classes are suspended effective Tuesday, March 17, 2020, and will commence again through alternate modes of instruction effective April 2, 2020.
-Classes will resume in alternate modalities only, effective April 2, 2020. Exemptions to this directive are no longer possible.

-What does ‘shelter in place’ mean? California’s coronavirus order, explained.
-Bay Area order is similar to lockdown measures taken in places like Italy, Spain and China, but is the first of its kind in the US

-Stanislaus County Announces Third Case of COVID-19

-Third case of COVID-19 in Stanislaus County; Emergency Services at highest activation

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