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Turlock City Council honored the 2014 CSU Stanislaus women’s soccer team for winning the NCAA Div. II West Region last year. The team, coaches, and staff were honored with a proclamation and were then joined by Council and U.S. Representative Jeff Denham (R-Turlock) for a picture.
Donation bins of all sorts can be found in parking lots all around Turlock, and some even in more rural areas. Pictured is a donation bin located along Taylor Road at the intersection of Mountain View Road, next to the fruit stand. A little up the road, near the northbound Highway 99 onramp stands another donation bin.
Signs posted around Donnelly Park prohibit alcohol of any kind on the park grounds, which is also prohibited in all City of Turlock parks. However, recently Turlock City Council approved a smoking ban, with signs expected to go up in the future.
Roads all around Turlock are currently being surveyed for traffic counts with the use of pneumatic road tubes. The tubes have been placed in several areas of town, including multiple places along Daubenberger Road.
Cracked and uneven sidewalks are becoming increasingly common around Turlock. Near the corner of Geer Road and 20th Century Boulevard large slabs of concrete are lifting from a large tree that was recently removed.
Domino’s Pizza has recently rolled out a social media campaign that encourages pizza lovers to tattle on their local Domino’s location. In 2012, Domino’s released a new logo that no longer featured the word “pizza,” however not all locations have adopted the changes.
The new India Oven restaurant, located at 2300 W. Monte Vista Ave. next to, is now open. The parcel formerly housed Panda South, which recently closed its doors.