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For many, bumper stickers can be an expression of one’s humor, pride of a child’s accomplishment, or political beliefs. Pictured is a bumper sticker slapped on the back of a service truck driving through Turlock.
Cheaper prices are the only thing pulling Turlock drivers to the gas pumps. Drivers can get a free coffee at the Chevron at 881 N. Golden State Blvd. with the purchase of six gallons of gas or more.
City of Turlock employees have been hard at work filling some potholes around Turlock. Andre Lane and surrounding areas, which were littered with potholes, were recently filled by City employees.
Skating season may be over, but the Field of Ice, LLC is still lighting up the Turlock neighborhood. As the rink is cleaned up, lights still drape over R.A.M. Farms, Inc. giving a bright spot along a normally dark Daubenberger Road.
Damage signs or not, trespassing is still prohibited around railroad tracks as they are considered private property. Pictured is a sign along Front Street that has been knocked over. A little down the road, at the intersection of Broadway Avenue and Front Street, large gates have been placed to deter trespassers.
Parks have garnered most of the attention, but included in the smoking ban is Turlock Regional Transit Center, located at intersections of Golden State Boulevard, Hawkeye Avenue, and Dels Lane. Turlock Regional Transit Center was included at the request of Councilmember Matthew Jacob.
Donnelly Park, one of the more tree-covered parks in Turlock, will become more shady as the years go on. Several younger trees have been planted all along the edge of the park, as well as in between the current trees that have stood tall in the park for years.