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Stanislaus County CA has $100,000 plan for combating dumping | Modesto Bee https://www.modbee.com/news/article229283429.html Bulldozer & Leonard... now even the county recognizes the source of the problem that both of you do not. Its dumpers and taggers (graffiti vandals), and lowlifes that break fences and break into homes that are the problem. Property owners like me take care of their property, but vandals make perfectly good property look blighted.
It is said that whosoever holds the bonds in possession has the rights to claim whatever the value of those bonds are and interest and it is also said that there will not be no documents of those bonds so the possessor is in control of those bonds now she also said that almost all the bonds were cashed in she said almost so that means that there are still funds out there for those remaining bonds she has no right to deny the claim if somebody brings those in she needs to dig a little deeper and find those funds so she could cash them people out no matter where they got the bonds it shouldn't matter
Thanks for pointing out Councilman Esquer stood up for what is right. There has obviously been a Brown Act violation by the Mayor. If I get the chance, I will be at the next meeting asking the Mayor for an answer on this and if he will be named in the attorney's suit against the city for the promised job. I also found it interesting that he was quick to name his friend the vice mayor when the term was not up. Was this also discussed behind closed doors.The Mayor is severely hurting this organization.
Wouldn't ya know it that the only to say sorry is the west side district 2 council. The mayor acts like a rich spoiled brat from the snobby part of Turlock.
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That intersection is not any better than before all the work took place and the eastbound lights are in a poor location being to close. The southbound lights do not have the correct shades on the also.
Well, he was the city engineer, community development director and directly in charge of the engineering department, so yes it was his circus and his leadership is to blame.
Ha ha yeah right. This was supposed to be done a long time ago. Should have told them that if they don't get the job done by the timeline they said, then they don't get paid but still have to finish the job. That would keep them from dragging out the process, slacking off and wasting our tax dollars so they get more money.
David, as a journalist come to the meeting and ask your questions publically. Many of my friends have had enough of these shenanigans and will be there as well. We want the Mayor to commit to us that he had never promised the City Manager job to his friend. If she sues the city by saying otherwise then he should resign. This is not going away.
Great job Mr Pitcock...... not
Police Chief Nino Amirfar can't deal with the homeless downtown because Mayor Soiseth won't let him. We all suffer and lose business in the meantime. When can we have our city back to the way it was and working?
The mayor Gary Soiseth has been micromanaging the city employees so much that a lot of the work is not getting done on time. Ask the chief of police why we have had so many murders and not caught anyone. We need a city manager and the mayor needs to stop pushing employees out of their jobs.
Are you suggesting that Mike is to blame for the delay?
So this suggests that Soiseth dispenses retribution...
Tip O'Neill is given credit for "All politics is local." It actually is where you can make a difference.
SOS in Turlock, I just want to know if Mike Pitcock's Fulkerth intersection will open tomorrow?
Why not go after people at the federal and state level where a difference is actually made? You're like the dad at the little league game talking trash.
Gary you have gone too far. You need to resign.
Soiseth punished Bublak for not voting to hire city attorney Phaedra Norton and promised Jacob vice mayor and Dehart $2,000 in travel money to vote for the city attorney.
The truth is the majority of council are letting the Mayor control this process and the taxpayers are the real losers. I know for a fact the citizen committee's, staff and majority of council all favored an experienced candidate but the Mayor wanted someone he could control, his friend Phaedra. Here are the important questions for tonight's meeting. Did he promise her the position? Is she threatening to sue based on the Mayor's promise? Are the other City Council members willing to finally stand up and not let the Mayor cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars on a new search? Will the Mayor agree to resign if it comes out in a deposition that he did promise the position to Phaedra?
The truth is the majority of council is letting the Mayor control this process. I know for a fact the citizen committee's, staff and majority of council all favored an experienced candidate but the Mayor wanted someone he could control, his friend Phaedra. Here are the important questions for tonight's meeting. Did he promise her the position? Is she threatening to sue based on the Mayor's promise? Are the other City Council members willing to finally stand up and not let the Mayor cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars on a new search? Will the Mayor agree to resign if it comes out in a deposition that he did promise the position to Phaedra?
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He should worry about taking care of the South side of Turlock that is a disgrace.......HOMELESS PEOPLE EVERYWHERE , STREETS THAT ARE ALL A DISGRACE (5th St, GLENWOOD, GOLF, 9TH ST., LANDER, GOLDEN STATE BLVD), THE NEED OF SPEED BUMPS ON STREETS, LIGHTS ON GOLDEN STATE AND BERKELY THOSE UGLY STOPS, this should be also a concern for this guy .............but no he only takes consideration for the North side where all the new businesses are and forgot the south part of Turlock.........we are also sick of having so many Homeless people always walking littering PLEASE TAKE ACTION OR LEAVE THE POST TO SOME ONE THAT CAN DO THE JOB .
The city is spiraling out of control. Have you noticed the murders going up? The Fulkerth Golden State intersection is very much past the timeframe it was supposed to be done in. One would suppose the city needs a manager instead of mayor Gary Soiseth trying to micromanage when he has a full time job at Modesto Irrigation District.
Did this hurt someone or offend someone? Free speech
How many murders is this now in Turlock?
The other council men should stick up for the woman council
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i wonder is it enough 100$ ?
CSU Stanislaus should be proud keeping him on for so long... http://www.siouxlandproud.com/news/local-news/9-investigates-new-briar-cliff-president-accused-of-sexual-harassment/718945785
I'm just here for the comments. People make me sick! I can't wait till you have nothing left but one another to depend on. People care more about themselves and their property's value, than human value. If these people are so bad and you know better, then teach them for they know no better. Get together, go around teaching values....all the (*edited by tcn) in the world won't change a thing. At the end of your whining, you're still miserable. Volunteer your time and teach the youth different. Donate to educational programs. Instead of crying like a bunch of babies, count your blessings that you have such things as ”property values” these people only fault is that they were born poor or somewhere along the way weren't given the same opportunities as some of you were given. People are products of their environments. This world ain't (*edited by tcn) anymore. The world is (*edited by tcn) and the people are even worse. No wonder we'll soon go into extinction.
Keep it up.......
We have a friend named Alice Lasarenza aka Lucky. She left Reno Nev. On the 1st of July. She was supposed to be back by last SaturdAy. Nobody has heard from her. Someone found her personal belongings at a rest area in Turlock and sent them home to a friend in Reno. It's not at all like her not to contact her friends. She was going to Ceres? Maybe going to look in some mines? We are very concerned for her. If anyone knows anything about her please call us 435-213-7290. Or 360-707-1747. Thank you very much.
Nothing new it seems we get 3 weeks of service every month due to outages constantly Terrible service..
Charter internet was down in Riverbank during the same time frame. How widespread was this?
We need Google Fiber. Charter is such a ripoff!!!
We have been out all day in Ripon
Infinity is looking better and better.....i run a business that needs consistent internet. This is happening too much
Well, to be honest, it is not a surprise, Stanislaus is a greatest college3 you can find in California. I can tell it as its 3rd-year student! For these three years, I can remember only good and shiny things, we become the one big family. You can google some of our university essays about it. The experience I get in Stanislaus is priceless!
I love Paulo Jorge Ferreira soooo much. I saw him today at Martins Dary in Hilmar, CA
I worked with this guy in Wal-Mart mid 2016. He was a very nice and hard working employee. I did not see nor heard any unusual behavior from Anjelo. Turlock P.D NOT to be trusted therefore they might be mistaken about this young man.
How stupid can people be he rapes babies and get put on a angel monitor.WTF is wrong with this pitcher. I work at a sex offender prision.van you say stupid.
These sick pigs are the only ones that do this nasty (*edited by tcn) to kids go to jail get out , reoffend they never get life or castration ... your average Joe gets busted with weed poor bastard never sees the light of day these pedophiles get out ,to reoffend ,and it's the worst crime possible .they get more leineince then any other crime .WHO THE (*edited by tcn) PUTS AN ANKLE BRACELET ON THIS PIG ,I HOPE WHEN THEY GET HIM ,MEN IN JAIL HATE THAT (*edited by tcn) .THEY WILL (*edited by tcn) HIM up EVERYDAY.HOPEFULLY THEY GET Their ass kicked and (*edited by tcn) severalTIMES A DAY SO HE DONT FORGET WHAT HE DID to those babies!!
Was the best in turlock liveing there as a kid i rember going there ever friday night mi it today You can make the pie but you cant make a better one then theres
Charter Spectrum City wide outage AGAIN in Hughson Ca. Its becoming a regular thing
Charter has problems with internet constantly This isnt the first or last. Trouble shooting. Doesnt connect with other devices. Prices are TOO HIGH FOR JUST INTERNET,
Here we go again!!!! Another Charter or Spectrum, outage! or whatever you call yourself! U may change your name but the same awful,very poor service, that's something you can't change apparently! Get it together! !!!
Internet is back here in Turlock. Just returned a couple minutes ago.
This company has to many outages it's not even fun ... we steal get billed for are internet even thow we are not using it because if this outage I'm over chart sorry
It was snoop dog seen him
I have several opinions about this misleading article, but I am going to stick to the facts: #1: The State Act (and specifically Section 84211(f)) that is referenced in the Pledge to Limit Campaign Contributions signed by Steven Nascimento and other candidates for City Council only requires the candidates to disclose personal information (name/address/occupation) of donors of $100 and more. Steven Nascimento disclosed his donations of less than $100 as a total amount, not including the personal information about those donors because he is not required to. That Amy Bublak disclosed personal information about a donor who gave less than $100 does not mean Steven Nascimento was remiss in not doing so. Link -- http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/cgi-bin/displaycode?section=gov&group=84001-85000&file=84200-84225 Section 84211 (f) is about half way down the page. #2: The amount of money, $619, discussed in this article is only 2% of Steven Nascimento's total campaign contributions of $29,429...
California Form 460 Summary page for Amy Bublak dated 7/1/2016 - 9/24/2016 Total contributions received is $38651.81 "He was the only candidate running for City Council to take in contributions of this size after Mayor Gary Soiseth placed campaign contribution reform as an item for future discussion on Mar. 1. Other candidates, such as Gil Esquer, only raised $650 and fellow challenger for District 4 Councilwoman Amy Bublak only collected a $100 fund transfer from her 2012 campaign." "Councilwoman Amy Bublak, who also accepted and signed the candidate pledge for the District 4 race against Councilman Nascimento, filed her campaign finances for this period, but her filings have disclosed every contribution, including a $51 donation."
One of the biggest con-artists in Turlock besides that phony Jacobs. Turlock just keeps voting in idiots.
Where is the mention of Bublak's 30,000+ that she has received? Much from the Swanson family. Who knew people in Malibu cared about Turlock politics.
Good Lord Franson, you're now officially the National Enquirer of Turlock journalism. What next, "Bublak and Soiseth Save Turlock From Asteroid Destruction"? Swansonville here we come.
To Better Farmer's Market: You're just a special sort of stupid, aren't you? This is a yard sale, not a farmer's market. TCFM did a great job, in spite of The Boy King trying to shove his campaign contributor's fraud down our throats.
The city of turlock sure did a horrible job of blending the pavement at the Monte Vista tracks!!
Why are Turlock firemen supporting Amy Boooblak??
The pedestrian succumbed to his injuries on August 25th, 2016.
The man struck by the car succumbed to his injuries on Sunday, August 25th.
This yard sale was better than the farmer's market downtown. The fairground's market isn't much better.
You ppl are horrible until you loose a love one you wont know what it's like. I think its a wonderful thing they are doing. My grandson is attending that group now. His grandpa died last year 2015 and he is having a difficult time since they were close. So, my hat goes of to those who created it.
very good informative post like it
B I _U......277-6207;;;;505-2204..SHane or Sherry..Lost in Turlock in the Country Walk area has tag with phone dog is JAKE.
277-6207;;;;505-2204..SHane or Sherry..Lost in Turlock in the Country Walk area has tag with phone dog is JAKE.
They got one of mine, I get 10theitheirs
Any updates on this story?
We are all meant to die at some point, it's called population control!
^^To the person who was upset about this post, I don't see a name or a photo of the woman who was hit. It doesn't show the woman dying. It doesn't even say if it is a male or a female. it just has the damaged vehicle and the overall scene (it is really clear up at the top). It makes sense to be upset about people making rude comments, but this was a very standard and unbiased post informing people of the accident. I don't really see a reason to call this specific post gossip since other media sources also posted very similar pictures. Try not taking things out on the messenger next time.
Its sad that people would ask that? Or fight to survive? Its sad that you and your friends family rather wait for their mother to die then do what this mans family is doing. There are orginizations that could help her... but in your opinion shes should just wait her turn. Where is your compassion. And How old are you.. you seem very naieve an childish judging from your post..
Are you Fn kidding me. I have no clue who this guys up here in this artical is or your friends mother.. but, where the F do you get off telling them they can sit an wait as your friends family is doing.. i think you may be very 'specail' if you know whati mean.. Do you know how LONG your friends mother will sit an fn wait for her kidney.. ppl die all the time so kidneys are available but do you have any idea how many ppl are on that list ahead of her.. im soooo heartbroken that this friend of yours an his mother an family hace chosen to SIT and WAIT... for what can be years for a kidney Instead of being PROACTIVE an trying to FIND a DONOR... you realize people can and DO willingly give up a organ. Do you know all that goes into getting a kidney.. the blood types all sorts of shit has to match.. hints a longgggg wait for your poor friends mother.. sorry to say but she may even die before one comes along.. but im sure you will have the right words to comfort your grieving friend when s...
Hey I just wanted to know when is the next ewaste recycling at big lots in turlock ca. You can email me or call 2095967226
Pls contact me 5593138504
He still a POS. He only "helping" kids because he knows he fucked up
Great coverage Kelly!
Has a name been released?
I realize that road closures can be somewhat important, but to show pictures of a person who has just been run over by a car (at this point it doesn't matter as to blame since things happen which is why they are called ACCIDENTS) but for the parties involved AND their families this is horrific! This is not reporting news, this is posting sensational pictures of someone dying (yes, she did die) so that people can post opinions over something they have absolutely no factual information about. How pathetic is our society that we have absolutely no compassion for either the people involved or their families! I know, let us just post a picture of you or a loved one dying and then let people just go on and on with their opinion of what happened, who is at fault, yadda yadda...Take two seconds before you post your opinion and think about it if was you or your loved one. The bottom line here is that a wonderful, generous, funny and full of life woman lost her life today in a horrific way a...
Seriously the drivers in Turlock are so stupid lately. STOP SPEEDING! It literally gets 5 minutes to get from one end to the other of this small town with speed limit. It has gotten SO bad lately. I see people speeding in parking lots now too! Speeding and not paying attention while you're driving is the most selfish thing you can do. If you don't care about yourself that's fine, but there are other people on the road too!
Blocked Driveway is very Illegal and if you see anyone park wrong then your responsibility is Let you know her/his to Police the Second one option is Just Call to Near to Blocked Driveway Towing in area Thanks
So what are the issues this article is supposedly bringing up? The headline seems to be suggesting that the money was stolen or spent on something completely different.
(*edited by tcn) all of u come say that to my face Gloria pace u half embedded retarded (*edited by tcn) with your retarded kids (*edited by tcn)
Looks like a hit piece from Amy
She is evil and nobody should vote for her as she moved into a district just so she could run.
Is this a german Shepherd dog with thick hair? The pic is very dark Carlos
Make it happen tired of going to the city for fun .....
Of course he will. But why? You should represent 20,000 people just because?
I hope you never need a kidney. You lack of compassion is astounding