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It was snoop dog seen him
I have several opinions about this misleading article, but I am going to stick to the facts: #1: The State Act (and specifically Section 84211(f)) that is referenced in the Pledge to Limit Campaign Contributions signed by Steven Nascimento and other candidates for City Council only requires the candidates to disclose personal information (name/address/occupation) of donors of $100 and more. Steven Nascimento disclosed his donations of less than $100 as a total amount, not including the personal information about those donors because he is not required to. That Amy Bublak disclosed personal information about a donor who gave less than $100 does not mean Steven Nascimento was remiss in not doing so. Link -- http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/cgi-bin/displaycode?section=gov&group=84001-85000&file=84200-84225 Section 84211 (f) is about half way down the page. #2: The amount of money, $619, discussed in this article is only 2% of Steven Nascimento's total campaign contributions of $29,429...
California Form 460 Summary page for Amy Bublak dated 7/1/2016 - 9/24/2016 Total contributions received is $38651.81 "He was the only candidate running for City Council to take in contributions of this size after Mayor Gary Soiseth placed campaign contribution reform as an item for future discussion on Mar. 1. Other candidates, such as Gil Esquer, only raised $650 and fellow challenger for District 4 Councilwoman Amy Bublak only collected a $100 fund transfer from her 2012 campaign." "Councilwoman Amy Bublak, who also accepted and signed the candidate pledge for the District 4 race against Councilman Nascimento, filed her campaign finances for this period, but her filings have disclosed every contribution, including a $51 donation."
One of the biggest con-artists in Turlock besides that phony Jacobs. Turlock just keeps voting in idiots.
Where is the mention of Bublak's 30,000+ that she has received? Much from the Swanson family. Who knew people in Malibu cared about Turlock politics.
Good Lord Franson, you're now officially the National Enquirer of Turlock journalism. What next, "Bublak and Soiseth Save Turlock From Asteroid Destruction"? Swansonville here we come.
To Better Farmer's Market: You're just a special sort of stupid, aren't you? This is a yard sale, not a farmer's market. TCFM did a great job, in spite of The Boy King trying to shove his campaign contributor's fraud down our throats.
The city of turlock sure did a horrible job of blending the pavement at the Monte Vista tracks!!
Why are Turlock firemen supporting Amy Boooblak??
The pedestrian succumbed to his injuries on August 25th, 2016.
The man struck by the car succumbed to his injuries on Sunday, August 25th.
This yard sale was better than the farmer's market downtown. The fairground's market isn't much better.
You ppl are horrible until you loose a love one you wont know what it's like. I think its a wonderful thing they are doing. My grandson is attending that group now. His grandpa died last year 2015 and he is having a difficult time since they were close. So, my hat goes of to those who created it.
very good informative post like it
B I _U......277-6207;;;;505-2204..SHane or Sherry..Lost in Turlock in the Country Walk area has tag with phone dog is JAKE.
277-6207;;;;505-2204..SHane or Sherry..Lost in Turlock in the Country Walk area has tag with phone dog is JAKE.
They got one of mine, I get 10theitheirs
Any updates on this story?
We are all meant to die at some point, it's called population control!
^^To the person who was upset about this post, I don't see a name or a photo of the woman who was hit. It doesn't show the woman dying. It doesn't even say if it is a male or a female. it just has the damaged vehicle and the overall scene (it is really clear up at the top). It makes sense to be upset about people making rude comments, but this was a very standard and unbiased post informing people of the accident. I don't really see a reason to call this specific post gossip since other media sources also posted very similar pictures. Try not taking things out on the messenger next time.
Its sad that people would ask that? Or fight to survive? Its sad that you and your friends family rather wait for their mother to die then do what this mans family is doing. There are orginizations that could help her... but in your opinion shes should just wait her turn. Where is your compassion. And How old are you.. you seem very naieve an childish judging from your post..
Are you Fn kidding me. I have no clue who this guys up here in this artical is or your friends mother.. but, where the F do you get off telling them they can sit an wait as your friends family is doing.. i think you may be very 'specail' if you know whati mean.. Do you know how LONG your friends mother will sit an fn wait for her kidney.. ppl die all the time so kidneys are available but do you have any idea how many ppl are on that list ahead of her.. im soooo heartbroken that this friend of yours an his mother an family hace chosen to SIT and WAIT... for what can be years for a kidney Instead of being PROACTIVE an trying to FIND a DONOR... you realize people can and DO willingly give up a organ. Do you know all that goes into getting a kidney.. the blood types all sorts of shit has to match.. hints a longgggg wait for your poor friends mother.. sorry to say but she may even die before one comes along.. but im sure you will have the right words to comfort your grieving friend when s...
Hey I just wanted to know when is the next ewaste recycling at big lots in turlock ca. You can email me or call 2095967226
Pls contact me 5593138504
He still a POS. He only "helping" kids because he knows he fucked up
Great coverage Kelly!
Has a name been released?
I realize that road closures can be somewhat important, but to show pictures of a person who has just been run over by a car (at this point it doesn't matter as to blame since things happen which is why they are called ACCIDENTS) but for the parties involved AND their families this is horrific! This is not reporting news, this is posting sensational pictures of someone dying (yes, she did die) so that people can post opinions over something they have absolutely no factual information about. How pathetic is our society that we have absolutely no compassion for either the people involved or their families! I know, let us just post a picture of you or a loved one dying and then let people just go on and on with their opinion of what happened, who is at fault, yadda yadda...Take two seconds before you post your opinion and think about it if was you or your loved one. The bottom line here is that a wonderful, generous, funny and full of life woman lost her life today in a horrific way a...
Seriously the drivers in Turlock are so stupid lately. STOP SPEEDING! It literally gets 5 minutes to get from one end to the other of this small town with speed limit. It has gotten SO bad lately. I see people speeding in parking lots now too! Speeding and not paying attention while you're driving is the most selfish thing you can do. If you don't care about yourself that's fine, but there are other people on the road too!
Blocked Driveway is very Illegal and if you see anyone park wrong then your responsibility is Let you know her/his to Police the Second one option is Just Call to Near to Blocked Driveway Towing in area Thanks
So what are the issues this article is supposedly bringing up? The headline seems to be suggesting that the money was stolen or spent on something completely different.
(*edited by tcn) all of u come say that to my face Gloria pace u half embedded retarded (*edited by tcn) with your retarded kids (*edited by tcn)
Looks like a hit piece from Amy
She is evil and nobody should vote for her as she moved into a district just so she could run.
Is this a german Shepherd dog with thick hair? The pic is very dark Carlos
Make it happen tired of going to the city for fun .....
Of course he will. But why? You should represent 20,000 people just because?
I hope you never need a kidney. You lack of compassion is astounding
He will be the best for the west side
I know Rod Scott will make this happen. Look forward to this great addition to Turlock. Thank you Rod.
That is just straight crazy my friend's mom needed and needs a kidney and none of their family was begging for a hand out like this person and his family. The man can go on dialysis like the rest and be put on the waiting list like all the others that need a kidney too. sad that their are people that would ask for that.
Total waste of time and money. The Rain Forest and exotic animals are gone, no Wizard's Challenge, replaced by a completely horrible exhibit. Pigs racing in 100 degree weather? Hey Fair CEO, this is Turlock; we treat our animals with respect. Unlike how you treat the community.
I have a good relationship with some of our city workers. Follow through on the roads would be great. If the job isn't done correctly the first time the city is wasting everyone's money. No more we do it right because we do it twice attitude!
What about the drug abuse and homelessness with begging at any corner and business driveways. It is everywhere. It makes a person feels unsafe to just go about the own business. When are your coumcil meetings? When are the county supervisor meetings. I would like to be able ro attend both as i live in a county pocket within the city so i am effected by both. Also, what os the plan for Montana park and proposed jordan rd. This is where i live they both effect me at 1156 mae st.
I came here.it was fun yay☺
It’s about time people realized the real problem and stop blaming inanimate objects. In other countries where guns and ammo are far too expensive they simply use machetes or spears. Not to mention throughout history more people have been killed with swords and arrows than guns by far. The craziest part about it is begging the government to regulate and control guns when they were the first ones to commit a school shooting in American history. How quickly we’ve forgetting the mass shooting by the National Guard on American STUDENTS less than 50 years ago. Watch the video for yourself of the first school shooting in American history.
It's restored in Turlock, CA
It's out in Livingston
I'm canceling Charter as soon as they get back up...if they ever will
I attended this event, Denham barely spoke.Why is he the only talked about? What about the laying of the red poppies. Who owns this website, I thought David Fransen and Rob Santos had a huge cat fight and broke up. Is that true?
I have been hearing these same great idea's and plans for 5 years plus as well as a bowling alley and laser tag center where are these places nowhere there great even awesome life changing for turlock and it's residents people would even travel to come to a new water park but great idea's don't go anywhere in Turlock unless your rich good idea's are thought of in Turlock then die they get us residents all excited then say yes to another bar or bars or new carwash during a drought. I would frequent all places such as family fun center miniature golf water slide or water park golf course bowling alley laser tag skating ring etc. But Turlock will never approve anything like that here because you can't drink at any of those locations.
1st off, California is in a severe drought with water restrictions everywhere. Where in the hell is Turlock going to get water for a water park and golf course? 2nd, who are the puppets masters running the show and allowing money to be wasted for these stupid surveys? Turlock is a small town, period. Does anyone have any common sense these days?
Best food in the valley this is sad day for my stomach but everybody deserves to retire wish you well your place was one of a kind
Can we please as a society stop fooling around with these kinds of criminals? Someone this sick needs to be put down like a rabid dog.
My husband and I want to buy a grill because we absolutely love eating barbeque in the summer. Although charcoal grilling takes longer because of the required cool down time, we think it would be better than the propane grills. We dislike the smell of propane, especially while cooking. Thanks for sharing your safety tips, hopefully we can keep everyone safe and enjoy yummy food!
He is a Sick M.F.....er he needs to b behind Bar's for Life....Bread n Water only leave his Prison Door's open get F.in his A.H all day.
he sodomized 2 infant's and all he got was an ankle bracelet..how does that happen in a court of law when a man can harm a baby and not be punished to the fullest. instead he remains free so he can do more harm. i bet if he was a person of color they would have thrown the book at him and buried him in a jail
I can not begin to communicate how absolutely outraged I am that they would release a monster like this onto the streets. 'Oh but he was being monitored.' He doesn't deserve any semblance of freedom. He belongs in the ground but at the very least in prison, that's why we have them. Who made the cold and wicked choice to let him out? They have failed to protect our innocent and they better pray he doesn't hurt anyone while he's free. Absolutely shameful.
Omg...sick pig.. sick evil pig...may you have the same done to you 10x over!!!!!
Why the hell was someone charged with that serious of a crime be let out at all before a verdict!!!
I really miss their food, night life and the friends I made over the years. As one of the biscuits I just want to say I will truly miss the Almond Tree
So sad to see john closing for good. He is such an awesome, genuine man. I have so many memories from there. Made great friends. And danced many nights away! God bless you John, enjoy your free time!
It turned to be a place that thugs and tweakers ran. I'm pumped that Als and The Tree closed.
It's the Sosieth family, they "think" they can get away with anything. Look at Gary's run for Mayor..lied about being a CSUS professor, lied about being "deployed" to the military, he was a civilian, lied about the road tax...liars go to hell!
It makes me feel like our justice system has failed.. Whatever agency allowed this monster to be on a ankle bracelet should be held accountable... And I believe anyone that could do things like he did will NEVER BE ABLE TO FIX THIS PERSON.. THERE IS NO FIXING A MONSTER LIKE AND THEY SHOULD BE PUT DOWN INSTEAD OF WASTING TAXPAYER MONEY TO EVEN FEED THEM IN JAIL...
SCREW YOU JESUS! THIS IS an act of abomination, not just a sin!
Finally!!!! Something for the family to do together! A water park would bring so many people from all over the valley. The closest water parks are in Fresno, or Sacramento. If they don't skimp out on the park it would bring in tons of revenue.. not only do people buy tickets to the park, but gas, food/snacks and sometimes people forget their suits or need different clothes after. If we are going to be a big city with big city crime we might as well have big city actives and revenue!
Kill it with fire.
Whomever wrote this article might want to check the grammar/punctuation in the title…
The person who said...those without sin can cast the first stone...what?our sins do not even come close to this horindous act of evil!! No comparison!! This isnt a white lie or stealing something...ridiculous!
Yes it's almost 2years of this accident. My daughter Cynthia suffered from Traumatic Brain Injury. She has been thru a lot. She can't talk or walk yet.We are moving on, she continues with her therapy here at Emmanuel. She's a full time student at Pitman H. What's beautiful about her is that she always has that beautiful smile.
When I clicked on 'about' I was trying to figure out where Turlock is. What state, possibly what country? What kind of news organization doesn't let people know what community they serve. And if online, then just a city name IS NOT Enough!
No water park please.
I worked for these Basterds when this happened. They owed me and many other employees back pay and when we finally got them, every check bounced. They promised that the downtown restaurant would be opened soon and never did. They even had us clean it up to help them speed up the process and still never got paid for even after attempts to collect. I'm sad for their families but satisfied with justice, even if they got off easy
What we need is something that is opened year around, a water park will only be open in the summer, wouldn't a bowling alley be better used for the whole family or a indoor roller ring would be cheaper to maintain than a Ice ring. A public golf course would be great you can use the recycled water from the Water Quality Control #2 water to irrigate the course. Golf courses are not only for old people, there is alot more younger people taking up the sport. It is sad that there is smaller towns around the area that have golf courses. Turlock is following behind other cities, they need to step up and do something.
So let me get this straight. Turlock city news hasn't published an article since November 2015 and now this one. Can someone say bought and paid for just like the mayor, to bad its not a real news source. Matt Swanson better be careful he's going to spend all of grandpas money! Not to mention the fact his grandfather would not like seeing his family name involved in these dirty politics....
Invest and update Pedretti with turf fields to save water use. Or build a new sports complex to compete with Ripon. Instead of a water park build a nice aquatic center for swim meets and water polo tourneys. Weekend tourneys will bring this city huge revenue with people coming and staying at our local hotels and eating and shopping at our local restaurants and shops.
I'll take 50 grand and save the city 25 grand. Modesto could not afford their municipal golf course. Stevinson Ranch, one of the nations finest, closed up. To pay 75 grand on a study is absurd. Can not buy common sense. Also, water use? The same folks putting restrictions on water use just this last summer are the same folks wanting to build two projects needing enormous amounts of water. Now we have another over rated under qualified city manager. When will his contract be released?
I'll take 50 grand and save the city 25 grand. An 18 hold half course is not feasible. Modesto can't afford their municipal half courses and Stevinson Ranch one of the nations finest closed up. Stop wasting money on studies. Can't but common sense
I dont know about a water park, but we must have something for the kids to do in this town. I personally feel a skating rink and bowling alley with arcade would be more beneficial. And please finish the damn skate park. I cannot believe the city of Turlock allowed that to be taken away from the kids!
get John Adams the old tour pro who helped design Stevinson ranch to design the course!
I feel the water park is perfect what is a golf course for a lot of old people if they built the water parks maybe kids wouldnt waste there money on drugs dearing the summer and actually enjoy them selfs in a fun and safe way
After reading Saturday's Turlock Journal, & watching Tuesday's council meeting, I came away enlightened @ our young mayor: it is ALWAYS about him. I went to City Hall last week, where there used to be gorgeous ART, by local artists in our community, there were GIANT photos of "how great thou art" Gary Soiseth, now I understand why he voted against the Turlock Certified Farmers Market board, it's not about HIM. Please boycott Soiseth, Bublak, & Jacobs and the businesses they own/support. Send Soiseth a message! To David Fransen, too.
Soiseth is going downhill fast & will be taking not only Peter Cipponeri, his family's fruit stand but all of Matt Swanson's businesses. It will be a quick ride to hell, where all of you belong. First Soiseth pretends to be in the military, a college professor & he's a Christian, right New Life Christian/Monte Vista Chapel. Now Peter Cipponeri is trying to bully his way into control for the Turlock Farmers Market which makes what 5-7K a year & it usually goes back into the next season's work. How dense are you Peter, you have alienated the majority of Turlock residents/voters, do you really think they will support you & your pretend vendors.
This is an example of the kind of hostility shown by TCFM supporters at the meeting on 9-15-16: https://youtu.be/uTCVNgPsQgo. Throughout this kind of ongoing behavior, the City Council maintained a sterling composure and Peter Cipponeri remained polite, patient, kind and professional. Both parties were given a very gracious offer to work at mediation with an expert farmers market organizer who spoke to both sides last night which TCFM refused while GSFMA was willing to work together to create an even better farmers market. The media has already written a slanted article which does not accurately represent what truly happened last night; perhaps this video will portray the truth in a better light.
Now that Turlock Farmers Market threw in the towel tonight we will have to boycott Peter's market
You are repeating the claim that street closures are first come first served. The closure of the street is a discretionary decision of the City Council in commercial zones. Should the Council approve a change it would be sanctioning theft of the goodwill created by the current market.
Whoa, watch where ya swing that thing, Internet Tough Guy!
Good Lord, Eric, when did the City News start hiring functional illiterates? And get your hand out of the Boy King's pants; it's embarrassing.
theres only 9 certified growers or is that all the farmers