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Stanislaus County CA has $100,000 plan for combating dumping | Modesto Bee https://www.modbee.com/news/article229283429.html Bulldozer & Leonard... now even the county recognizes the source of the problem that both of you do not. Its dumpers and taggers (graffiti vandals), and lowlifes that break fences and break into homes that are the problem. Property owners like me take care of their property, but vandals make perfectly good property look blighted.
It is said that whosoever holds the bonds in possession has the rights to claim whatever the value of those bonds are and interest and it is also said that there will not be no documents of those bonds so the possessor is in control of those bonds now she also said that almost all the bonds were cashed in she said almost so that means that there are still funds out there for those remaining bonds she has no right to deny the claim if somebody brings those in she needs to dig a little deeper and find those funds so she could cash them people out no matter where they got the bonds it shouldn't matter
Thanks for pointing out Councilman Esquer stood up for what is right. There has obviously been a Brown Act violation by the Mayor. If I get the chance, I will be at the next meeting asking the Mayor for an answer on this and if he will be named in the attorney's suit against the city for the promised job. I also found it interesting that he was quick to name his friend the vice mayor when the term was not up. Was this also discussed behind closed doors.The Mayor is severely hurting this organization.
Wouldn't ya know it that the only to say sorry is the west side district 2 council. The mayor acts like a rich spoiled brat from the snobby part of Turlock.
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That intersection is not any better than before all the work took place and the eastbound lights are in a poor location being to close. The southbound lights do not have the correct shades on the also.