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Charter to Double Internet Speeds For Free

Courtesy of Charter Communications

It’s not too often something for nothing comes along, but by the end of this year all Charter Communications customers in Turlock will get a free speed upgrade to their internet service from 30Mbps to 60 Mbps.

And for all those “HD snobs” out there, Charter customers will also gain access to more than 200 HD video channels – the largest channel lineup from any provider in the market.

The new internet speeds will be 20 times faster than standard DSL and will allow customers to simultaneously stream movies, download music and more without sacrificing internet performance.

Charter’s new suite of digital services, that also includes unlimited nationwide calling, is known as Charter Spectrum.

“Charter is committed to improving the customer experience,” said Charter President and CEO Tom Rutledge. “That starts by providing the best voice, TV and internet services possible at the greatest value to our customers. Charter Spectrum represents the best of the best on our industry.”

Charter Spectrum was launched after the completion of a move by Charter to an all-digital network. The improvements are part of $271 million in capital investments to Charter California operations, bringing up services in not only Turlock, but more than a dozen other California service areas.

“This is Charter making good on our promises,” said Wally Bakare, Vice President and General Manager for Charter’s California market. “When we asked customers to make this all-digital journey with us, we said there were great things on the horizon. Now, we’ve arrived at that destination. The internet is faster, the selection of programming is greater and the value we are able to provide to customers is so much better.”
If you’re still looking for something to boost that internet speed, try taking a look at some of the new routers like the Motorola MB8600, you’ll be streaming smoothly in no time.

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