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Christmas Tree Pickup and Disposal Begins Monday


Now that the gifts are gone and the lights are put away, it’s time to get rid of that dried up Christmas tree.

Turlock Scavenger will be picking up Christmas trees beginning Monday, Dec. 29, on the regularly scheduled garbage route.

Residents are encouraged to first utilize their green waste bin if possible, but trees can also be placed curbside for pickup.

Turlock Scavenger will pick up trees for City of Turlock customers for the next four weeks and three weeks for County customers.

In addition to the Christmas tree collection, Turlock Scavenger will have a slight adjustment to the normal route schedule this week.

Turlock Scavenger will be servicing the normal Thursday route on Friday, Jan. 2 and the normal Friday route on Saturday, Jan. 3, as they will closed on New Year’s Day.

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