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Cookie Designs, Further Progress Seen on Turlock’s Skate Park

Samantha Chamberlain/TurlockCityNews.com

With the “cookie” designs in place, the Brandon Koch Memorial Skatepark is continuing to inch closer toward completion. 

In case the term “cookie” design doesn’t ring a bell, it is referring to the unique design created by skatepark designer Wormhoundt Inc., to honor Turlock’s Brandon “Cookie” Koch, an avid skateboard enthusiast who passed away in 2012 after a year-long battle with adrenocortical cancer.

Turlock has been without a skatepark since the closure of the previous park on Starr Avenue in August 2015, and a new and improved replacement is in the works at a new location in Donnelly Park.

Construction of the new park has advanced significantly, with notable features such as railings, stairs, ledges, and cookies already laid into place amongst the concrete.

Though the park is not completed by the City’s standards, skateboarders, and bmx bikers, kids on scooters, and rollerbladers, have been seen to be using the skatepark,

The City of Turlock recently announced the skate park would open in late July.


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