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Council to Consider Taking Final Steps in Skate Park Relocation


On Tuesday, Turlock City Council will consider taking final steps before the Brandon Koch Memorial Skate Park can be relocated to Donnelly Park.

In 2004, the skate park was built and funded with grant funds that stipulated the park and must remain in place and operating until Aug. 25. With the relocation of the police station, the City is in the process of selling the land that the police station and skate park once occupied.

Before the sale of the property to the Turlock Irrigation District and closure of the existing park, Council must determine that the proposed park is in compliance with the Park Preservation Act.

Pursuant to the Public Resources Code section 5405(a) the amount of money being paid by TID, $240,000, must meet equal cost of acquiring a substitute skate park that compares in equal size.

On April 28, City Council awarded a professional design contract to Wormhoudt Inc., of Santa Cruz, to provide professional design service that included community meetings with the local skate park community. Input was given and was incorporated into the design for the proposed skate park to reflect a modern skate park that fit to the needs of a variety of skill-level skaters, from novice to pro.

The proposed skate park is more modern skateable elements and features, which will be different, form the park now. The proposed skate park will no longer have the rectangular skate park but will have different style; street skating to vert skating and freestyle skating. The park will have a variety of styles and the integration will have a unique style that is different from the existing park.

According to the staff report, the designer stated “the proposed new skate park will essentially be the same as the existing skate park with respect to the following:

  • Skating feature and terrain types (scale, size and caliber)
  • Skill level (mostly beginner and intermediate)
  • Serving the local skating community

The facility will be new, so although it will serve the same skating demographic within the community it will be a significant enhanced skating experience.”

Staff feels this proposed skate park is meeting the intention of the Public Resources Code Section 5404 and recommends making the determination that it complies with the park preservation act.

On July 22, one bid was received for project 15-28 “Brandon Koch Memorial Skate Park.” California Landscape and Design, Inc. of Upland California was the lowest responsive bidder with a bid in the amount of $243,000. Staff will return to City Council in September for the award of bid.

In addition to considering approving the determination, Council will also receive a staff update on the temporary closure expected at the current Brandon Koch Memorial Skate Park and the relocation plan.

The City Council meeting will also discuss matters on:

  • Accepting the report fro the Planning Commission on potential changes to the Zoning Regulations
  • Approving a Memorandum of Understanding between the Turlock Police Department and the Stanislaus County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services Agency for the creation of a Homeless Engagement Multi-Disciplinary TeamRequest to approve a Gift Agreement for Turlock Mayor’s Office Public Policy Award between the City of Turlock, CSU Stanislaus, and CSU Stanislaus Foundation.

Turlock City Council will meet Aug. 11 at 6p.m. in the Yosemite Room of City Hall, 156 S. Broadway. 

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