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Councilwoman Bublak’s Tradition of “Oath of Ethics” Being Offered to Council, Bublak’s Third Term


In an election year where ethics has been a focus for elections, farmers’ markets, and campaign finance reform, Councilwoman Amy Bublak will be taking both the Oath of Office and an Oath of Ethics, an oath she has taken before a judge since 2008.

When first elected to Turlock City Council in 2008, Councilwoman Bublak, a former police officer, likened the public service of a City Councilmember to that of a police officer, and took an Oath of Ethics, similar to a police officer’s, in addition to her Oath of Office. While similar to the oath a police officer would take, Councilwoman Bublak wrote this oath specifically for the Turlock City Council to take voluntarily.

Upon her swearing in to City Council in 2008 and 2012, Councilwoman Bublak invited her fellow councilmembers to take the Oath of Ethics as well. The oath allows both Councilmembers and the public to focus on a Councilmembers actions and how those actions may be perceived.

“Although there is an oath we all must swear to, I believe this just sets us and our city apart from others for acknowledging our part as a public servant,” stated Councilwoman Bublak.

The Honorable Judge Villalobos will administer the Oath of Ethics to any other elected official wanting to participate when the newly elected City Councilmembers get sworn in. The Oath of Ethics brings focus upon the words and ethical conduct, according to Councilwoman Bublak.

As ethics were a major focus during the election season, on Nov. 8, Turlockers voted Bublak into her third term over fellow incumbent Steven Nascimento.

Turlock City Council will meet for their regularly scheduled meeting in the Yosemite Room of City Hall located 156 South Broadway Avenue on Dec. 13 beginning at 6 p.m. There will be a reception honoring the incoming and outgoing Councilmembers in the same location starting at 5 p.m.

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