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CSU Stanislaus Parking Permit Now Available Online

Brandon McMillan/TurlockCityNews.com

California State University, Stanislaus has announced that parking permits will now be available for purchase online beginning July 20.

Previously, parking permits were only available for purchase in the Cashier’s Office on campus, which often required a long wait in line.

“Don't stand in line for your Fall parking pass!” announced the University Police Department on Facebook. “As of July 20th, you can have it mailed to you instead!”

To purchase a permit, students will need to go to MyCampusPermit.com and click the “Buy Permit” link on the front page.

Students will then be asked to log in with their Campus ID and password and will need a valid credit card to complete the purchase.

Once purchased, students will receive the permits in the mail within 7 to 10 days at the address provided at checkout.

Students will also need to print off a temporary permit and place it on the dash of your vehicle. The temporary permit will be valid for 10 days — enough time to receive the semester permit in the mail.

Parking permits will no longer be available for purchase in the Cashier’s Office, but will be available at the University Police Station.

While permits are now available online, they will remain relatively expensive — $180 for the Fall semester.

For more information or to ask any questions, call 209-667-3667.

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