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Door Knocking for Bernie Sanders in Turlock

Bernie Sanders

The California Presidential Primary is drawing near, and local efforts are still coming forward to help candidates get an edge.

A door knocking campaign for Bernie Sanders is taking place today. Hosted by Hayden Pratt and Anthony Castillo, Door Knocking for Bernie invites supporters to knock on the doors of supporters and undecided voters.

The team provides those who attend with a script, a list of voters to talk to, and a map of where they’ll be going. The event emphasizes that people will be talk about how the country “belongs to all of us, not just the billionaire class.”  

California has 475 democratic delegates to be decided. With AP.org having Hillary Clinton (D) and Senator Bernie Sanders (D) separated by 270 unpledged delegates, California could prove to be a definitive win in unpledged delegates for either candidate. With both pledged and unpledged delegates, Clinton stands with 2310 and Sanders stand with 1542.

2383 delegates are needed to claim the nomination.

With the California Presidential Primary set for June 7, every vote will still count.

For those interested in the effort, this group for this canvassing effort is meeting outside the large playground of Donnelly Park located at 600 Pedras Road until 6 PM.


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