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Downtown Turlock’s Farm House Seeking Help to Find Missing Windmill “Mascot”

Courtesy of Farm House/TurlockCityNews.com

Farm House, a local downtown business, is seeking the community's help in finding their missing windmill “mascot.”

Noticeable for its unique presence outside Farm House and its placement on the business’s Facebook profile photo, the windmill acts as a mascot for the downtown business. However, after being left out overnight, their mascot is no longer there.

“I was in a hurry to get to a very special 7 year old’s birthday dinner last night and in my rush I left our beloved windmill outside. This morning it was gone,” Farm House owner Candace Gonsalves posted on Facebook.

Farm House is seeking the return of the windmill and asking community members to keep their eyes open for it.

They’re offering a reward of caramels and caramel puffs to anyone who returns their windmill mascot. No questions asked.

Those who find the mascot can return it to Farm House located at 311 East Main Street.

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