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Emergency Training Ongoing at CSU Stanislaus


Hear alarms near California State University, Stanislaus? Don't be alarmed.

The university is conducting an emergency training drill on campus this afternoon, featuring actors posing as injured persons.

“The purpose of the drill is to improve the ability of our campus and local agencies to respond to an emergency situation,” said CSU Stanislaus spokesperson James Leonard. “Only those organizing the drill know specifically what the simulation will entail.”

Leonard did not have specific details about what sort of emergency would be acted out during Tuesday's drill, be it a natural disaster or a terrorist strike.

He said the university has plans to respond to various emergency situations that must be tested during training events each year. Larger-scale exercises like Tuesday's are held occasionally, he said, indicating the training was not spurred by any recent events.

The drill involves emergency personnel from Turlock police and fire departments, and CSU Stanislaus police.

The drill area is clearly marked on campus, near the music, theater, and arts buildings. The area is fenced off, and inaccessible to the public.

Students do not have class today, and no instruction will be disrupted by the drill.

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