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False 911 Call From Disturbed Child Prompts Massive Responsive


At about 4:49pm Thursday, Turlock Police, University Police, Turlock Fire, and American Medical Response responded to an aggravated assault that had just occurred at a residence in the 1100 block of Woodland Avenue.

Someone had called 9-1-1 and stated he’d just killed his brother with a shotgun, before then stating that he’d killed seven people and dumped their bodies in the trash.

Officers arrived in the area and set up a perimeter, while firefighters and paramedics staged nearby.

An element of officers was set up on Crowell Road just south of the residents and announcements were given for the residents to exit. A man and girl exited a short time later with their hands up.

The man stated the caller was likely his autistic son who “isn’t right in the head” and is going through a mental health crisis.

Officers entered the residence to clear it and make contact with the caller.

Everything was okay and no one was injured. Firefighters and paramedics cleared from staging, and a majority of officers cleared from the scene.

The parents stated they were unaware of their son’s actions.

The incident was documented and the address was flagged in the event anything similar happens again in the future.

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