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Firefighters to Compete at Stanislaus County Fairgrounds


Looking for a unique, family-friendly spectator event this weekend? Swing by the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds to check out an “old school” firefighting competition, sponsored by the Stanislaus County chapter of the California Fireman’s Muster Association.

Since the birth of formal, organized firefighting efforts in the United States about 200 years ago, the brave men and woman of the nation’s fire departments have periodically held competitions to exhibit their equipment and demonstrate abilities. The tradition will carry on this weekend here in Turlock as firefighters from across the region and state will compete and gain valuable experience.

The event is open to the public and will feature a free class in bucket brigade firefighting, which will also include lessons on how to fight fire with the basics like hose carts, hose wagon evolutions and hand pumps.

No experience is needed and competitions are open to men and women. There will be children’s events and activities as well.

The muster party begins at 6 p.m. Friday with a reception chili cook-off and an assortment of home brew. On Saturday events will include women’s hose carts, motorized hose wagons, hand pumps and a men’s bucket brigade. Sunday will include men’s hose carts, motorized pumps and the women’s bucket brigade.

EMT certification classes will be held following Saturday’s events.

RV camping is available for $25 per night.

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