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Fireworks on the Water at Don Pedro Lake

The Don Pedro Recreation Agency will be holding their Fireworks on the Water show at Don Pedro Lake in coordination with Lake Don Pedro, Moccasin Point Marinas, and private houseboat owners on July 3rd. The show will start at 9:30pm, and will last until 10pm. The firework spectacular will take place on the water by Don Pedro Dam, and can be viewed from the Blue Oaks Group Area, the Visitor Center/Helipad area, or from the water.

Each vehicle will be charged $15 to utilize the Recreation Area, park and view the show. The Gold Chain Lions Club will be coordinating the parking of vehicles at the Blue Oaks Recreation Area, the Visitor Center and the Heliport areas by the spillway. The $15 parking fee will help offset the cost of the fireworks and a portion will be shared with the Lions Club.

As in previous years, the Lions Club has been authorized to sell a variety of items at the event, including hamburgers, polish dogs, chips, lemonades, ice tea, water, soft drinks and patriotic novelties.

No parking will be allowed on Bonds Flat Road. To expedite the departure from the parking areas immediately after the show, the California Highway Patrol will be directing all spectators to turn right onto Bonds Flat Road, except at Fleming Meadows where those exiting the park will be required to turn left. Spectators are urged to consider this information when they choose a place from which to view the fireworks if they are concerned about which direction they need to travel to get home. A map showing the end of show traffic flow will be provided to spectators upon arrival.

As in past years, additional assistance for the will be provided by CAL FIRE, the Tuolumne County Fire Department (Blanchard Station 64), the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Department and Boat Patrol, the Sheriff’s Department Community Services Unit and CHP.

Spectators who view the show by boat are reminded that familiarity with the lake is recommended if planning to navigate the water after the show is over. The 16 water miles from the site of the show to the Moccasin end of the lake can look very different after dark. If launching at Moccasin Point Recreation Area, arrive early in the day, as parking is limited at that site. Once parking is full at Moccasin Point, boaters arriving to launch will be redirect to the Fleming Meadows Recreation Area.

Spectators are encouraged to arrive early in the day and enjoy the Recreation Area until the fireworks show begins. Swimming at the Fleming Meadows swimming lagoon, boating on the lake, and picnicking tend to be popular activities amongst attendees in previous years. Visitors are reminded that dogs are not allows in any of the developed facilities, including Blue Oaks.

Smoking and barbeque grill use will not be permitted in the area across from the Visitor’s Center due to the close proximity of the fireworks barge. Authorities also request that visitors please refrain from setting motion sensing car alarms, as the concussion of the fireworks can set off the alarm and ruin the experience for spectators nearby. Fireworks are illegal in Tuolumne County, so all are reminded to leave any fireworks that they have purchased for personal use at home.

Early arrival for the show is highly recommended, as late arrivals may end up missing part of the show due to the time required for parking. To ensure this doesn’t occur, staff and authorities suggest visitors to plan on arriving by 8pm.

For more information, please contact Don Pedro Recreation Agency at (209) 852-2396.

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