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Foster Farms Reopens Livingston Plant, Again

David Fransen|

After 10 days spent shuttered, Foster Farms has reopened its Livingston poultry processing facility.

The plant resumed normal operations Wednesday morning, with all employees called back to work. It had been closed since Jan. 12.

The Livingston plant originally closed Jan. 8, after the U.S. Department of Agriculture issued a notice of suspension due to an infestation of cockroaches. The plant had been cited five times since September for cockroaches, with some observed on a plastic tub that came into contact with chicken.

After a thorough cleaning and the development of a preventative maintenance plan, the plant reopened Jan. 10.

But the facility closed again two days later, as Foster Farms voluntarily sought to ensure “its preventative plan was fully realized with the most effective treatment protocols in place,” according to the company. Foster Farms' “full attention” was focused on implementing it's new USDA approved plan to prevent insect infestations, it said.

“Although this has been a challenging time, we remain committed to the highest level of quality and food safety through all aspects of our plant operations and will emerge a stronger company,” said Foster Farms President Ron Foster.

All production was shifted to Foster Farms' other California facilities during the 10 day closure. None of those sites and no products were effected by the shut down.

Hourly Livingston plant employees will receive weekend shifts and extra overtime in the coming weeks, Foster Farms said.

Foster Farms also operates a turkey processing facility in Turlock.

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