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Hash Lab Ignites Turlock Home

A Turlock man was arrested Wednesday evening when his illegal drug lab caused a kitchen fire, drawing the Turlock Fire Department to the crime scene.

Charles Khio, 29 of Turlock, was allegedly operating a hashish oil extraction lab in a home he rented in the 100 block of Hedstrom Rd. The home's kitchen caught fire at roughly 9:47 p.m. Wednesday.

According to a Turlock Fire Department report, the fire started when a pan on the stove ignited a nearby kitchen towel. Khio apparently attempted to fight the fire with a blanket and pillow, Turlock Fire said.

Khio then ran out of his house, screaming the kitchen was on fire. A neighbor called 911, leading to a Turlock Fire Department response of three engines, nine firefighters, a battalion chief, and the Fire Marshall.

The fire was located in the kitchen and extinguished promptly, affecting only the kitchen area. Cabinets and counter tops were damaged, and smoke damaged some of the remainder of the kitchen, doing approximately $6,000 in damage.

Khio was arrested on felony charges of hashish oil extraction, possession of marijuana, and violation of probation.

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