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Irrigation Season Comes to an End

David Fransen|

It's official: the 2013 Turlock Irrigation District season has come to an end.

The shutdown started at 4 p.m. last Thursday, a few hours later than an initially planned morning shutdown.

The water is still winding its way through the TID canal system, with some farmers still irrigating with the last drops of water. And some water remains stored above drops on the main canal, allowing irrigation to continue through the end of the week week for some customers.

“We're shutting things down slowly,” TID Water Distribution Manager Mike Kavarian said.

The district is still getting calls from farmers who want to irrigate, Kavarian said. Growers had previously asked for an extension to the season, but TID declined due to the limited water available in Don Pedro Reservoir.

Overall, Kavarian said the season went well, considering the lack of water, with limited spills and satisfied customers.

“We did a good job taking care of people under a difficult situation,” Kavarian said.

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