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Job Watch: The Best and Worst Entry-Level Jobs

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Just in time for graduation season, personal finance website WalletHub has released a list of Best and Worst Entry-Level Jobs.

The report can act as a reference for recent graduates who are wondering where to begin when it comes to the job search.

WalletHub’s research report offers a look into the best and worst entry-level jobs, the highest and lowest starting salaries, the most and least income growth potential, the fastest and and slowest projected job growth by 2022, and the most and least job openings.

Admittedly, students’ career options following graduation are largely dictated by their academic focus, but the list offers specific information on which types of jobs and industries come out on top.

The top five best entry-level jobs are: web applications developer, information security analyst, web designer and attorney (tied at number three), and software engineer. The worst entry-level jobs reported are: consumer loan servicing clerk, boilermaker, claims processing clerk, electronics assembler, and architectural drafter.

WalletHub reports the careers with the highest starting salaries are tax attorney at $89,624, drilling engineer at $83,760, patent attorney at $82,118, attorney at $81,642, and employment law attorney at $79,388. Lowest starting salaries reported were college teaching assistant at $15,406, teller at $23,698, certified nursing assistant at $24,791, floor assembler at $25,818, and policy processing clerk at $26,572.

Although many of the attorney positions were reported at the highest starting salaries, the jobs with the most income growth potential differed. These top five were an employee relations specialist, geologist, geophysicist, consumer loan officer, and web writer. Jobs with the least income growth potential included a teller, new accounts representative, certified nursing assistant (also listed for one of the lowest starting salaries), policy processing clerk (also listed under top five lowest starting salary), and claims processing clerk.

Jobs predicted to have the fastest projected job growth by 2022 include certified occupational therapist assistants, information security analysts, market research analysts, computer numeric control machine programmers, and operations research analysts. Careers with the slowest projected job growth by 2022 include computer operators, records clerks, electronics assemblers, underwriters, and refinery operators.

WalletHub reported that the jobs with the most openings include engineer, systems engineer, software engineer, training specialist, and a safety representative. Jobs reported with the least openings included consumer loan servicing clerk, aircraft painter, boilermaker, sheet metal mechanic, and geophysicist.

WalletHub’s researching its report by assembling a list of 109 different types of entry-level jobs, then identifying 11 key metrics defining opportunities, prospects for growth, and potential hazards associated with each job. By doing this, WalletHub constructed a hierarchy for the entry-level job market that illustrates the types of jobs that would be most attractive to new labor market entrants – particularly recent graduates – in both the near and short-term.

Job Watch is an ongoing series from TurlockCityNews.com, intended to help Turlockers find jobs in this challenging economy. 

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