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Letter to the Editor: Path to Citizenship Needed – By Homero Mejia


To the Editor,

Your recent article Denham Reelection Could Key on Immigration Reform raises an important point the wide support of Central Valley voters for immigration reform. But our organization, Congregations Building Community is aware of how fortunate, we’ve been fortunate to have a representative who has engaged people of faith. Over the last six months, our group has worked closely with Congressman Jeff Denham and his staff. We’ve held listening sessions that attracted over 1,500 people and immigration roundtables with community members from across the Valley. Even more than that, Rep. Denham has taken it upon himself to educate and inform influential colleagues on the House Judiciary Committee, which oversees immigration reform, and brought key figures out to California to see us in the Central Valley.

His commitment is what makes us feel like immigration reform that includes an earned path to citizenship is possible. As organizations spend this congressional recess focusing on persuading their representatives in Congress we’re fortunate to have one who understands how important citizenship is to his constituents. Denham has been a leader in the House, speaking out in favor of reform, and has introduced legislation to help DREAMers, people brought to the United States as children, who want to serve in our armed forces become eligible for legal status. He also was one of three Central Valley Republicans to vote against an amendment to block funding for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Our community depends on representatives like Rep. Denham to find a smart solution for immigration reform that includes a roadmap to citizenship that is clear, direct, and affordable. We’re ready to welcome him home to the Central Valley to continue working with us on an earned path to citizenship for the aspiring Americans who are our family, friends and fellow faith community members.

Homero Mejia
Executive Director, Congregations Building Community

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