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Turlock City News

Man Arrested After Attempting to Kidnap Two-Year-Old on A Street, Near Broadway Avenue in Downtown


At about 6pm Friday evening, Turlock Police responded to an attempted kidnapping of a two-year-old in the 200 block of A Street.

The 200 block of A Street is near Turlock City Hall and where the Transitional Housing that’s leased from the City to We Care Homeless Shelter, and around the corner from the homeless shelters and day centers.

The day prior, the mother and her child had been walking near their residence when Alex Garcia Lopez, 46, pulled up alongside them in his vehicle and attempted to take the child. Lopez was unsuccessful and the mother was able to take her child back to their residence, however, she failed to report the incident.

This time, the mother and her child had been outside their residence when Lopez drove by and stated that he wanted the child. The mother called to report the incident and as an Officer was on scene investigating, Lopez drove by once again and was stopped just down the street.

Lopez was arrested and booked into the Stanislaus County Public Safety Center on charges of attempted kidnapping, child endangerment, and battery.

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