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Man Arrested After Reportedly Throwing Firework at Victim and Vehicle


At about 1:09am Saturday, Turlock Police responded to a disturbance in progress at S. Tully Road and South Avenue.

The caller reported he was being followed by a group of men in a Chevrolet and was driving toward the Public Safety Facility.

Shortly later, Officer Ward was able to intercept the vehicle and stop it at Cost Less Food Company.

It was determined no crimes had been committed during the following incident, however, a dangerous firework was thrown out of the vehicle during the stop.

During a pat-down search of the vehicle’s five occupants, passenger Deep Clair, 22, of Turlock, was found to be in possession of several additional dangerous fireworks.

While Clair was being written a citation for possessing the dangerous fireworks, a vandalism was reported at a residence in the 1700 block of Baywood Lane.

The caller stated that while he was standing outside of his vehicle, a lit firework was thrown toward him and his vehicle, causing damage to his vehicle in excess of $400, a felony amount.

Based on the provided suspect vehicle description, officers put two and two together and conducted an in-field show-up.

Clair was arrested and booked into the Stanislaus County Public Safety Center on charges of vandalism, possessing dangerous fireworks, and throwing dangerous fireworks at a person.

The vehicle’s other four occupants were released as there wasn’t enough probable cause to immediately arrest them, although there’s a possibility the district attorney’s office will file charges against them at a later time and warrants of arrest will be issued.

It’s also worth noting that just 11 minutes prior to these incidents, a separate disturbance was reported in the area of Bernell Avenue and S. Orange Street with men yelling and a loud noise being heard. Additionally, three nights prior, another disturbance was reported in the 3800 block of Crowell Road where the occupants of a black pickup had thrown a firework at the caller but officers were unable to locate the vehicle at the time. It’s still unclear if these two incidents are also related to the two confirmed-related incidents.

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