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Turlock City News

Man Arrested for Attempted Robbery and Indecent Exposure


At about 7:25pm Tuesday, Turlock Police responded to an indecent exposure at East Avenue Manor in the 1500 block of East Avenue.

The caller reported there was a man masturbating outside a window, who had initially tried to open a door and had possibly been drinking.

While officers were still enroute, they were updated that the man was taking property and then lying down on the sidewalk continuing to masturbate.

Officers arrived on scene and located Juan Valencia, 34, of Ballico, who still had his pants down and obviously had too much to drink.

Once Valencia was detained, officers made contact with the caller who provided an account of what had occurred and advised of another victim nearby. Once officers spoke with that victim, it was discovered Valencia had tried to push his way into an apartment but was blocked. Valencia then stole a package from that victim’s porch.

Valencia was arrested and booked into the Stanislaus County Public Safety Center on charges of attempted robbery, two counts of indecent exposure, and petty theft.

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