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Man Arrested for Illegal Assault Rifle After Confronting Two Suspicious People

Turlock police arrested a male subject early on Aug. 6 after receiving multiple calls of suspicious people in the area of Crane Avenue.

As a result of police responding to the calls, Cash Frost, 36, was arrested for illegal possession of an assault rifle and possession of a large capacity magazine. Frost was not one of the suspicious people.

Turlock police received a report of suspicious people attempting to access a residential backyard in the 500 block of Crane Avenue shortly before 1 a.m., said Turlock police spokesperson Officer Mayra Lewis.

Shortly after, a second call came into the Turlock Police Department, this time to report two suspicious people who had another male pointing a firearm at them, said Lewis.

Officers responded to the area and conducted a search, but couldn’t find any of the subjects at first.

Later, officers found two subjects who matched the description of the suspicious people. The two subjects told police that a male subject with a rifle had contacted them and a struggle ensued, said Lewis.

Officers located the residence of the subject, which was the same place the first report had come from, and contacted Frost. Frost let the officers into the residence and they found a rifle that had been altered to fit a larger magazine, said Lewis.

Frost was subsequently arrested. 

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