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Missing Wedding Ring Found at Costco, Owner Sought

David Fransen|

A lost wedding ring has been found at Turlock's Coscto, but there's only one problem – workers aren't sure who it belongs to.

Lisa Asch, the clothing stocker, contacted TurlockCityNews.com in hopes of finding the ring's owner.

“I want to get this ring back to its rightful owner and make her New Year a happy one,” Asch said.

The ring was lost by a woman a few months ago, Asch said. The woman called the store at the time, saying that she thought she lost the ring in a clothing table. But after an exhaustive search, the ring could not be found at the time.

“I tore the table where she thought she had lost it completely apart and found nothing,” Asch said.

Asch forgot about the ring until last week, when it suddenly reappeared in the midst of a Costco reorganization.

“We went to move this table and I bumped it. The ring had to have been in the pallets, and it bumped it loose,” Asch said.

The ring matched the woman's description to a tee. Asch and the office manager, who was helping move the tables, both instantly knew it was the missing ring.

“We looked at each other, and we knew right away that it was the lady's ring,” Asch said.

Unfortunately, her contact information was not saved, as it was believed she must have lost the ring somewhere else. The woman spoke only via phone to Costco's payroll and office manager, so no physical description of the owner exists.

“Now we are stuck knowing it is one of our member's, but not knowing whose,” Asch said.

Asch hopes that a TurlockCityNews.com reader will know who lost the ring. She guessed that the lost ring was mentioned to family and friends, who likely read TurlockCityNews.com.

“I hope someone sees this so that she can get it back,” Asch said.

The ring is currently locked up securely at Turlock's Costco. The ring's owner is asked to call 209-656-5301, press 1 for administrative staff, then describe the missing ring to prove ownership.

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