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Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital “Poop Drive” Raises Parasite Awareness

The Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital held its first annual “Poop Drive” this April – a community-wide program to raise awareness of the intestinal parasites that many pets may carry.

“The poop drive was started to highlight the importance of once-a-month parasite control,” said Dr. Rob Santos of Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital.

The month-long program had participants bring in a sample of their pet’s stool, which was examined for parasites – like worms – at no cost. By performing a microscopic examination of the stool sample, staff at Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital could determine whether the animal was free of intestinal parasites that often go unnoticed by pet owners.

“We had great participation for this April poop drive,” said Dr. Santos. “We found worms on many adult dogs where the owner had no idea that their pets were infested with parasites. Sometime pets can have worms but not show any clinical signs until its too late.”

Pets can attain intestinal parasites very easily, even just by eating grass or lapping up water from a puddle. In some cases, these parasites can also be transmittable to children, the sick and the elderly.

Participants in the poop drive were also provided with a complimentary monthly dewormer for their pet.

“Bottom line: the Poop Drive was a successful program to help drive out worms and bring awareness to once-a-month parasite control,” said Dr. Santos.

The Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital Poop Drive will end after April 30th.

To learn more about the Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital, visit www.MonteVistaVet.com.

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