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More School Employees Take Salary Cuts, Save 10 Jobs

At Tuesday’s TUSD Board Meeting, Trustees approved an agreement to cut classified workers’ salaries and benefits, saving $330,000 and 10 jobs.

The California School Employees Association accepted a 3 percent cut just as the teacher, administrators, and other employee bargaining groups accepted last month.


The deal the teachers and other groups accepted saved the TUSD about $2 million and allowed the district to not follow through with pink slip cuts.


The members of the CSEA bargaining group total around 550 and include custodians, campus supervisors, and bus drivers.


Their agreement says that they will pay .78 percent of their health benefits and take five work furlough days a year.


Golden handshakes were also approved, but only for the next 60 days. Certificated employees could receive an additional two years of service credit towards their retirement or $30,000.

All these cuts are efforts to close a projected $6.5 million dollar budget deficit for the 2009-10 budget that begins on July 1, 2009.


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