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Multi-Vehicle Collision Causes Car Crash Into Fire Hydrant and Backyard


A multi-vehicle collision on Monday afternoon sent a geyser of water into the sky after a vehicle broke a fire hydrant and ended up in a residential backyard.

The collision, which involved two vehicles, occurred on Hawkeye Avenue between Mitchell and Elderwood avenues.

Turlock police originally received a report of a vehicle that had crashed into a residence on Hawkeye, however officers found that the vehicle only made into the backyard.

The collision resulted in a fire hydrant being broken off and a geyser of water shooting into the sky and pouring into the street.

Eventually City of Turlock crews were able to shut off the water; Turlock police spokesperson Sgt. Neil Cervenka said the fire hydrant would be usable following the collision.

There was some property damage to the fence of the residence, however the vehicle did not make it into the home, said Cervenka.

No injuries were reported.

A Turlock resident was able to catch video (below) of City workers attempting to stop the water rushing from the broken hydrant.


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