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Pitman’s Crusin’ Campus Supervisors

Jonathan McCorkell/TurlockCityNews.com

About two months ago Pitman High School campus supervisors began utilizing a new patrol device — four brand new black with green trim Elektra cruiser bicycles — and they say the cruisers have been nothing but beneficial.

Campus Supervisors Lisa Narciso, Leo Pulido, Zac Sward and Rudy Estrada all say the bikes have improved their ability to communicate face-to-face with students.

Traditionally at PHS campus supervisors have patrolled the campus in golf carts, and will continue to do so for certain purposes and during rainy days.

“The bikes are a hit with the kids,” said Pulido. “I’ve noticed they are more inviting to the kids, they kind of break down that barrier the golf cart creates. They are just kind of more open.”

Pitman is a large campus, with about 50 acres of land and many “hidden” locations. The supervisors say the bikes allow for greater access and maneuverability moving from place to place.

In addition to serving students, or busting them for that matter, the bikes are also good for the physical fitness of the supervisors.

“When you ride in the golf carts you feel every little bump and over time it takes a toll on your back, but when I ride the bikes my back feels much better,” said Sward. “There is definitely a health benefit.”  

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