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Police Conduct IMPACT Inspections to Prevent Alcohol-Related Harm


On Monday, Turlock Police and California Alcoholic Beverage Control visited seven ABC-licensed businesses, conducting IMPACT inspections to address violations before problems occur.

Officers noticed at least one administrative violation at each establishment. Follow-up inspections will be conducted later, allowing business owners to correct violations.

IMPACT (Informed Merchants Preventing Alcohol-Related Crime Tendencies) is a collaborative program between ABC, local law enforcement agencies, and licensees. The program is designed to increase safety in the community by pointing out violations at licensed locations that lead to loitering, public intoxication, and underage drinking.

“We are calling on businesses to help prevent problems in our community and reduce tragedies on our roadways by properly checking identifications and refusing to serve individuals who are obviously intoxicated,” said Turlock Police Chief Hedden.

The IMPACT program reminds licensees of the responsibilities and accountability associated with selling alcoholic beverages by identifying areas of non-compliance and providing crime prevention information before conducting follow-up visits to see if the licensee corrected the issue.

Many local communities have worked with ABC to conduct business inspections, and IMPACT can improve the relationship between law enforcement and merchants.

“IMPACT’s goal is to work with licensees to reduce alcohol-related crime,” said ABC Director Hirata. “Addressing problems such as litter, graffiti, and loitering increase public safety and improve the quality of life in and around the licensed premises.”

Funding for this program was provided by a grant from ABC through the department’s Alcohol Policing Partnership (APP) program.

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