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Turlock City News

Reports of Gunshots on Monday Night as Police Were Busy, Unrelated to Other Cases


At about 9:32pm on Monday, the same time as the two reported deaths on E. Springer Drive, Turlock Police received several calls of shots heard in the north end of town, more specifically around the Crowell Road area.

Officers had originally responded to the E. Springer Drive address believing that’s where a shooting had occurred based on preliminary information provided by the victims’ daughter, however, Police found no evidence of a shooting.

Officers then had to respond to a report of a man who had been stabbed walking into the Motel 6 on S. Walnut Road, off W. Main Street, and were unable to check the Crowell Road area until 10:52pm – at which point they were unable to locate any evidence of gunfire or any victims.

This afternoon, Turlock Police were notified by City Crews that a bag of .40 caliber ammunition had been found at N. Olive Avenue and E. Christoffersen Parkway.

The Police confirmed that all four incidents (the homicide on E. Springer Drive, the stabbing at Motel 6, the shots heard around the Crowell Road area, and the ammunition found) are all unrelated.

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