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Ripon Police Caught on Video Using Force to Arrest Skater, Authorities Respond to Incident

Courtesy of Domz - Facebook

A video captured at the Ripon skatepark Wednesday evening shows a 20-year-old being arrested by police after officers used force to place him into custody.

The video, which shows a subject being involved in several struggles with officers and later being tased, has spread around Facebook, receiving more than 325,000 views as of Friday at 12:30 p.m., along with thousands of likes and shares, including some from Turlock.

In response to the video, the Ripon Police Department issued a press release Friday morning detailing the officers’ account of the incident.

According to the Ripon Police Department, officers responded to Curtis Pernice Skate Park in Ripon shortly before 8 p.m. on Wednesday on the report of a noise complaint. The reporting party told police that the music was loud and contained obscene language.

Upon arrival, officers located the source of the music and contacted a subject sitting on a bench. Ripon police said the subject first refused to comply with officers when told about the complaint and violation, but ultimately provided his ID.

At this time, due to the officers’ observations, police began conducting an under the influence examination of the subject, according to the press release.

While contacting the individual, two additional subjects approached the officers and demanded to know why their friend was being contacted. According to the press release, the officers asked the two subjects to step back after being told about the situation.

One of the subjects, later identified as Eduardo Maldonado, 20, of Modesto, refused to remove himself from the incident and began yelling at the officers, according to the press release.

Due to Maldonado’s alleged interference of the investigation and failure to comply with officers’ directions, officers attempted to identify Maldonado and advise him that he was subject to arrest, said Ripon police.

“Maldonado continued to be uncooperative at which time officers attempted to take him into custody for obstructing an officer,” said the press release.

According to Ripon police, Maldonado remained resistant to officers while being placed under arrest and officers ultimately used forced to take him into custody.

While not detailed in the press release, the video shows officers used a taser on the subject and later a baton was used to hit the subject's leg repeatedly.

“During the act of taking Maldonado into custody, Maldonado used physical force to avoid arrest, with general resistance, striking one officer with an elbow and pushing another,” said Ripon police.

The video begins once officers are talking to Maldonado — who is called “Alex” in the video — and shows the officers asking for Maldonado’s identification and the subject refusing.

Once officers attempt to place Maldonado under arrest, the subject pulls away from their custody and then one of the officers pulls out his taser. When officers attempt to place Maldonado in handcuffs once more, a struggle ensues and the officers and Maldonado fall to the ground, where a struggle continues.

While sitting on a skate rail, Maldonado is told to get on the ground repeatedly and is later tased. Officers continued to demand he get on the ground to which he responds, “I’m getting up so you can put the cuffs on me,” according to the video.

Once standing, officers place the cuffs on Maldonado and attempt to get the subject on the ground. A third officer then comes in with a baton and strikes Maldonado three times on the leg, telling the subject to get on the ground.

Maldonado is then taken to a Ripon police car and placed in the backset.

According to the video’s poster, hip-hop artist named “Domz,” Maldonado broke his tooth during the struggle with officers.

Maldonado was arrested and booked into the San Joaquin County Jail for obstruction, delaying, and resisting a peace officer. An additional charge of battery of a peace officer has been sent to the San Joaquin District Attorney for review.

The Ripon Police Department is conducting administrative review of the incident to ensure the officers’ action fall within department policies. 

The full video of the incident can be viewed below.

RIPON CA – This happened yesterday when I was at the skatepark they broke his tooth and arrested him. The cops were called for music being played at skatepark. They came for the kid sitting on Bench playing music. The kid getting attacked had nothing to do with it until he seen the cops messing with his friend (kid playing music). The video shows everything that happened after. IM NOT AGAINST COPS AND I DONT KNOW KIDS IN VIDEO

Posted by Domz on Thursday, July 16, 2015

Video courtesy of Domz – Facebook

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