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Road Rage Altercation Leads to the Arrest of Two for Battery

Courtesy of Turlock Police Department

Two suspects are facing battery charges after a road rage incident in which they stopped a vehicle in the middle of the roadway and assaulted the victims.

William Overton, 27, was arrested for battery, brandishing a weapon, and making criminal threats. Timothy Creedon, 34, was arrested for battery and several misdemeanor warrants out of Merced County.

According to Turlock police spokesperson Sgt. Stephen Webb, Overton was traveling on Countryside Drive when he was cut off.

Overton followed the vehicle, got in front of them, and then stopped in the middle of the roadway, said Webb. The vehicle was forced to stop behind Overton.

Overton began pulling on the victim’s door and then hitting the male victim once he got out to defend himself, said Webb.

Creedon joined in and began assaulting the first victim while Overton began assaulting the other victim.

During the assault Overton brandished a knife, said Webb.

Once Overton and Creedon heard sirens, they fled the scene. However, officers were ultimately able to located the suspects in the Home Depot parking lot. Both suspects were arrested.

One of the victims suffered a laceration to his lip during the assault.

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