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Suspended Driver Arrested After Failing to Instantly Stop


At about 11:03pm Wednesday, Turlock Police Officer Aziz attempted to make a traffic stop at E. Canal Drive and Geer Road.

Instead of instantly stopping, the driver continued to E. Canal Drive and Wolfe Avenue where he finally stopped after Aziz told him to do so over the public address system.

Aziz made contact with and identified the driver as Danny Moran, 41, of Firebaugh.

Moran stated he was trying to get his vehicle to a nearby house so it wouldn’t get towed, although it could’ve been towed regardless.

When Aziz had his dispatcher run Moran, he discovered he had a suspended driver’s license. Additionally, the vehicle’s registration was expired, it didn’t have insurance, and it had a license plate lamp out.

Moran was removed from the vehicle and arrested.

During a subsequent inventory search, Aziz located drug paraphernalia.

Moran was released on a citation for driving with a suspended license, while he was lectured for everything else.

Additionally, Moran’s vehicle was towed.

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