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Thank Heaven for Free Slurpee Day

Jonathan McCorkell/TurlockCityNews.com

Turlockers love them some 7-Eleven Slurpees, especially when they’re free!

Last year more than 2,400 Slurpees were given out for free at the 7-Eleven on Geer Road and this year owners Hady and Nazanin Nawabi expect even more thirsty customers.

As if free Slurpees aren’t enough the Geer Road location is also offering 50-cent hot dogs and taquitos until 7 p.m. tonight.

“This is by far our busiest day of the year. Mostly people come in for the free Slurpees but we also sell a lot of the grill items,” said Nazanin Nawabi.

The Nawabi’s get so busy the line wraps around the perimeter of the store and they employ their three children Neelaab, 14, Neema, 12, Emaan, 6, and family friend Dreq McQuiad, 12, to serve the hoards of Slurpee seekers.

The free Slurpee isn’t the only free giveaway this year. Each day through July 19 free items will be featured on 7-Eleven’s smartphone app. Customers must first download the app to receive the free coupons for the following items:

  • Saturday, July 12: Big Gulp® soft drink
  • Sunday, July 13: M&M’s Birthday Cake Flavor candies
  • Monday, July 14: Grandma’s Cookies
  • Tuesday, July 15: Hostess Twinkies
  • Wednesday, July 16: Snickers or Twix brand ice cream bar
  • Thursday, July 17: Quaker Chewy Yogurt snack bar
  • Friday, July 18: Pillsbury cookie
  • Saturday, July 19: Small Slurpee drink 

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