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The Day After Tuesday – by Mike Lynch

Either Obama or Romney has been elected. Millions are happy with the results. Other millions are disappointed, some even angry. Many wonder if the result makes a difference at all.

But one thing has not changed.

Obama and his voters, or Romney and his voters, do not own our country. Neither do the Democratic or the Republican parties. The tea party, the unions and the chambers of commerce are not owners either.

There is no 1% or 99% ownership. The 47% takers and 53% givers was always a contemptible hallucination, belatedly repudiated by its maker.

We aren’t owned by liberals, conservatives or moderates. Or by the pundits, media personalities, radio and television talking heads and editorial writers. The married, the single, the straights or gays do not have ownership of America

No religion has a special claim to our county’s laws, except to worship as they see fit so long as they don’t interfere with others. The same goes for atheists or nonbelievers.

Those who have family here for hundreds of years have no more or less claim than those who have just arrived.

The billionaires who have court given unfettered license to dominate our politics do not own this country either. The billionaire is entitled to exactly one vote, just as is the senior on social security.

Whites, Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Indians and all racial and ethnic subsets are equally deprived of exclusive ownership of our nation.

In America, we are one nation composed of many parts. Our president, and other elected officials, are people we hire to do a very difficult job. We did not make a unanimous selection, and some expect the worst. We should all hope for the best. Our elected representatives deserve our respect, but we will hold them accountable.

We are the owners of the United States of America. Remember this when the President or other representatives are making decisions. They work for us. For all of us. The 100% of us. Never let them forget that truth. And never forget that the responsibility of making our country even greater lies with us, not with the people we hire.

We can fire the President and the Congress. If they don’t act to address the staggering problems facing our nation, if they fail to lead because they fear the wrath of special interests and or are intimidated by the shouters and haters, if they put ideology, party and personal agenda ahead of country, we will fire them.

Let’s hope the election results give us a government that lives up to the promise of our country.

– Mike Lynch

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