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TID Board to Consider Allowing More Irrigation Water Transfers Between Parcels


On Tuesday, the Turlock Irrigation District Board of Directors will consider amending the resolution that set the 2015 Irrigation Season to allow for water transfers between parcels who missed the deadline to submit proper forms.

When the TID Board of Directors set the 2015 Irrigation Season, they did so allowing landowners to transfer water from one parcel they own or rent to another parcel they own or rent.

However, unlike in 2014, TID required those landowners fill out a Parcel Water Transfer Form by June 30 for parcels not owned or rented during previous irrigation seasons.

By the June 30 deadline, TID had received 68 completed forms, but over the last month have received several requests from customers wishing to transfer water from parcels they did not rent or own in 2014.

TID staff denied those requests, informing interested customers that the deadline to submit the required forms had already passed.

At the July 28 meeting, the TID Board requested staff revisit this policy.

According to the staff report, “the importance of the form and the deadline is to prevent individuals from selling remaining available water for profit as well as keeping that water in Don Pedro for a possible dry year in 2016.”

Staff has recommended that the TID Board of Directors not amend the resolution to allow for water transfers for those parcel owners who did not submit the forms in time.

With the time that has passed from when the requests were denied, those who originally requested to transfer water may no longer be interested and it is unknown how many customers the amendment would benefit.

On Tuesday, the TID Board will also:
Receive an irrigation update and weekly power, water, and electric service division reports.
Consider a resolution to abandon a 0.70 acre parcel from an improvement district.
Consider approving the inclusion into the improvement district known as King-Mobley Pump.

The TID Board of Directors will meet at 9 a.m. Tuesday in the Board Room of TID’s Main Office, 333 E. Canal Dr.

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