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Turlock Blockbuster To Close

David Fransen|

A temporary reprieve proved to be just that – temporary.

Turlock's Blockbuster store will soon close permanently, according to signs posted at the chain's 1401 Geer Rd. location Tuesday.

The store was closed to patrons temporarily Tuesday, as staff prepared for a pending liquidation sale. All items will be 10 to 30 percent off their original price, signs said, including movies, games and fixtures.

The liquidation sale will begin when Blockbuster reopens at 11 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Turlock's Blockbuster previously survived several rounds of store closures, including one which shuttered 600 stores in February. At that time Dish Network, the parent company of Blockbuster stores, eliminated outlets in Modesto and Manteca.

Once Blockbuster closes, Turlock will be without a brick and mortar movie rental store. Both Hollywood Video and FYE closed in recent years, as online streaming companies such as Netflix and Hulu and rental kiosks like Redbox have cut into profitability.

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