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Turlock Family of Fallen Bay Area Biker Seeks Funeral Donations

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Jose Curiel, 35, a father of four and new grandfather, was killed in a horrific crash Sunday morning while riding his motorcycle southbound on Interstate 880 in Oakland.

Curiel’s oldest daughter, Selina Curiel, 19, and his nine-month-old granddaughter live in Turlock and are asking for help from the local community.

Selina Curiel’s mother, Angelina Padilla, says the family is struggling to come up with money for funeral costs. On Facebook Tuesday night, Selina Curiel posted a heartfelt appeal for help.

“If you know my dad, you would know he was the type of person to give you the shirt off his back if you really needed it and felt you deserved it. So please help us and donate to our family for his (funeral) services. Anything and everything is more than appreciated.”

Jose Curiel’s other children are ages 4, 12 and 17.

According to his family, Jose Curiel was on his way home to his residence in San Lorenzo when he died in an accident involving five vehicles. According to KTVU 2, a FOX Bay Area affiliate, a friend riding alongside Curiel indicated that two vehicles crashed in front of them and Curiel was unable to swerve out of the way before making impact.

The CHP reports one person was arrested in connection with the incident for driving under the influence, and an investigation is underway to determine exactly how the accident happened.

Members of Curiel's motorcycle club, the Miscreants, are raising money to help his family pay for the funeral. To donate visit http://www.gofundme.com/Jose-curiel.

Curiel’s family’s goal is $15,000 for funeral costs. As of Wednesday night, $2,820 had been donated.

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