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Turlock Fire Department to Apply for Grant for Fire Station Safety System

Brandon McMillan/TurlockCityNews.com

The Turlock City Council unanimously approved a resolution authorizing the Turlock Fire Department to apply for a grant to receive much needed safety equipment for Turlock fire stations at 10 percent of the cost.

The Department is applying for the Assistance to Firefighters Grant through the Federal Emergency Management Agency in order to purchase diesel exhaust removal systems for three Turlock fire stations.

According to the staff report, there is $304,503,764 in available 2015 funding for the program which awards approximately 2,700 grants to fire departments, nonaffiliated EMS organizations, and state fire training academies with award notifications given in March.

Should the Turlock Fire Department receive the grant, they would be obligated to pay 10 percent of the total equipment cost from the amount awarded.

None of the four fire stations in Turlock currently have a diesel exhaust removal system in place, which can lead to toxic vehicle exhaust permeating stations. The funds from the grant would purchase the necessary systems for three of the Turlock fire stations.

Three of the four City stations meet application requirements for the grant, and the funding would bring stations into compliance with regulation guidelines like NFPA, NIOSH and OSHA.

The total cost for the maintenance and updates is expected to be no more than $102,000, with the total contribution by the Turlock Fire Department no more than $9,200, according to staff reports.

The authorization of the grant application was approved unanimously 5-0 on the consent calendar.

If the grant is awarded, the Turlock City Council would still appropriate the necessary funding for the project. 

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