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Turlock Firefighters Stick Up for Student Who Was Teased for Wearing Pink

Courtesy of Kerry Goman-Rocha

A small group of Turlock Firefighters took time out of their day Friday morning to deliver an informational message to a first-grade class at Earl Elementary after a boy named Logan, the son of Kerry Goman-Rocha, was teased by classmates for wearing pink for breast cancer awareness.

Early in the morning Kerry ran into Turlock Fire Department Captain Frank Saldivar at Turlock High School. Saldivar was dropping off pink-t-shirts for THS staff members to wear for breast cancer awareness month, which is October.

Kerry told him about how her son had come home crying because he was being teased for wearing a pink shirt for breast cancer awareness by some of his classmates.

Earl Elementary School was unaware of the teasing and Kerry had not told the school about it.

Saldivar contacted on-duty firefighters Tony Nascimento, Kevin Forsythe and Andrew Quinby, who decided to pay Logan’s class a visit.

“It was a great opportunity to talk to the kids about the tools we use on our engine and how they help to save lives,” said Nascimento. “And in October we wear pink shirts as one of our tools to help save lives.

“It was all about Logan. He got teased but had the courage to keep wearing his pink shirt. It was a good chance to acknowledge him and to talk to the kids about what is going on in school and to raise awareness about breast cancer.”

Kerry was delighted to hear the firefighters were going to visit his class shortly after she ran into Saldivar.

“I cried when I received the call this morning and thought how touching it was that these men would go out of their way to do this, not only for my son, but for all the little boys who are representing breast cancer awareness!! Thank you TFD! This mama is so appreciative for your generosity and heart! You are true heroes!” she posted on Facebook.

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