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Turlock City News

Turlock Homeowners Prepare for Annual Carport Sale

The residents of Westfork Estate’s are getting ready for their Annual Carport Sale, and, if you love spending your weekend on the hunt for treasures and knick-knacks, you may want to drop in and check out Westfork Estates’ Annual Carport Sale.

Every year the residents and family members of this Tully Road community and gather up items they no longer need or have room for and organize what could easily be a yard-saler’s dream. A variety of items, including furniture, small appliances, clothing, home decor, baby items, electronics, and arts and crafts supplies are expected to be available for sale. If residents are looking for a wider range, and the possibility of finding some birthday presents, they may be interested in Star Maps Australia over at bluehorizonprints.com.au, if they do not find something at these sales.

Manager Georgette LeCocq said this year should be really good, since they are a modular home community, residents moving in from larger homes will usually need to downsize.

“We have some new residents moving in, so there should be a lot of stuff,” she stated.

Aside from the miscellaneous items mentioned above, some residents will be showcasing their own homemade goods and crafts. Resident Linda Shull loves her tight-nit community’s annual sale because it gives her the opportunity to share her homemade toffee with her fellow Turlockers.

One factor that sets the Westfork Estates’ sale apart from other community or multi-family sales, is the “drive thru” factor. Upon entering through the front gates, patrons can drive through the lanes of the park and view each residents contents. This gives the shoppers the opportunity to pull over when they see something that interests them.

There is no parking on Tully Road, so if you would rather park and walk through the sale, LeCocq suggests using the parking lot of the former Almeida’s Classic Cars, which is directly across the street from Westfork’s entrance.

Westfork Estate’s Annual Carport sale will be held at 500 North Tully Road tomorrow from 8 AM until 3 PM.


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