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Turlock Mayor Wears Ravens Jersey After Losing Bet

Alex Cantatore

In a city where everyone seems to be a San Francisco 49ers fan, supporting hometown hero and Super Bowl quarterback Colin Kaepernick, one man was wearing a Baltimore Ravens jersey Tuesday.

That man was the Mayor of Turlock, John Lazar.

“I unfortunately lost a bet,” Lazar told the audience assembled at Tuesday’s Turlock City Council meeting.

Prior to the Super Bowl, Lazar made a wager with Mayor John Ward of Audubon, N.J. – hometown of Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. The mayor presiding over the losing quarterback’s hometown would be forced to wear the winning team’s jersey to their next council meeting.

As the 49ers were defeated 31-34, Lazar had little choice but to follow through on the bet. He wore a Flacco jersey for the evening, generously provided by Ward.

“He won, I lost, and he sent me the jersey to wear tonight,” Lazar said.

Though Lazar was forced to wear purple and black, it was clear who Turlock’s favorite team was.

Other councilmembers and city staff all wore San Francisco 49ers jerseys Tuesday in support of both Lazar and Kaepernick. Two 49ers flags also adorned the council chamber, and councilmembers were seen “Kaepernicking” – kissing their biceps, like Kap’s touchdown celebration – at least once.

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