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Turlock Starbucks to Begin Selling Booze?

Courtesy of Starbucks|

Turlock’s Starbucks may be selling some more brews than the Sumatra in coming months.

A small number of Starbucks locations have already began selling alcohol, and Starbucks plans to sell alcohol in thousands of more stores nationwide over the next few years, reports Bloomberg.

Starbucks currently sells alcohol in test market stores in Seattle, Los Angeles, Portland, Chicago, Atlanta and Washington D.C. It is unknown at this time if, or when, any Turlock stores will begin selling alcohol.

The idea has “been thrown around” locally, but it still depends on how well alcohol is received in the test markets, said Brandon Barragan, a barista at a Turlock Starbucks.

Barragan says he has not seen “action items” that say a Turlock store will begin selling alcohol soon.

However, the sale of alcohol will most likely not turn Starbucks into Barbucks.

The roll out is a part of the Starbucks evening program, which starts after 4:00 p.m. Alcohol selections would be limited to bottled beer and wine, and selections would be based on local tastes. Small plates of food would also be sold.

No cocktails will be sold at any of the Starbucks evening program locations. 

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