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Turlock Woman Goes Crazy With Christmas Lights, Makes Many Happy

Courtesy of Stephanie Valgos

Turlock resident Stephanie Valgos spent more than an average work week, 40 hours, decorating her house in Christmas lights and she easily admits she suffers from a bit of “Christmas craziness.”

“I didn’t think my Christmas craziness was that big of a deal until many individuals spoke of the joy and happiness it brought to their hearts,” Valgos said. “I love peeking out my window and seeing people taking pictures with their children throughout my wonderland.”

Valgos designed fantasyland for children — with visions of sugarplums, candy canes, elves and reindeer.

“I wanted to take adults to a place and time before innocence was lost! I wanted to create a place that allows people to escape reality for a brief moment in time,” she said. “With hopes that my passion for Christmas would help rekindle a Christmas Spirit dulled by modernization, materialism, financial crises and the stress of a world at war.”

While the house may appear completed, it takes ongoing effort to maintain the lights and this year Valgos even hired an electrician to run two new breakers. In the next few days she is expecting and “Elf on a Shelf” display as well.

Stephanie invites anyone looking for a little holiday cheer to cruise on by her house now until Jan. 6 and check out her impressive light display, located at 4215 Merchant Lane in Turlock.  

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