Turlock City News

Turlock City News

Turlock’s Yesteryears by Scott Atherton

Turlock Journal, Dec. 11, 1908


            Since the Ladies’ Improvement Club has been authorized to attend to the keeping of the cemetery, they have had the grounds well cleaned, which has kept three men busy for more than two weeks, and they are now having a fence built, which with the surveying, will cost in the neighborhood of $300.00. We have used all our funds. There are still improvements which should be made and we should also be in a position to keep the grounds cleaned regularly, so our cemetery will not be a disgrace to the community as it certainly has been this past year.

            This is a worthy cause, and one in which every man, woman and child should not only be interested, but should be anxious to help support.

            We need money to carry on this work, so everybody commence putting away a few dimes and be ready to buy Tags on Saturday, December 23rd.

            Have your coats and dresses decorated as never before and help this good cause along.

            Pretty maidens will greet you at every turn, to sell Tags, so if you are not public spirited you had better keep off the streets on that day. In the evening we expect a very interesting programme at the Opera House, which will be free to everybody. The full program will be given in the next issue of the Journal.

            Remember the date.

            Save your dimes and be ready on Saturday, December 23rd.

            TAG! TAG!! TAG!!!

                        MRS. H. S. CRANE,

                        Chairman of the Cemetery Com.

*The receipts of the Tag sale totaled $202.50. 


Turlock Journal, Dec. 11, 1908


     “It Is Better To Give Than To Receive”

            With your assistance I will give money to your favorite Charity, Churches included, on December 24th.

            I have been in business here in Turlock for five years. I propose to make Christmas gifts to the Charities of this town and immediate vicinity and will provide for this purpose a sum of $10.00 for each year that I have been in business in Turlock. This will make a Charity Fund of $50.00 to be divided as follows: FIRST PRIZE $25.00, SECOND PRIZE $15.00, THIRD PRIZE $10.00.

            I will give you an opportunity to tell me and I will award the $50.00 according to the votes of the people who patronize my Jewelry store between now and December 24th, 1908.

            With each fifty cents purchase you make at my Jewelry department during this great Christmas sale now in full blast, I will give you the privilege of casting one vote for your favorite Charity.

            Don’t fail to ask for a Charity Ballot, if you make a purchase here.


                                                Charles V. Lundahl

                                    In St. Elmo Block          The Turlock Jeweler



Today’s articles and pictures are provided by Scott Atherton, general manager of Turlock Memorial Park & Funeral Home. If you have memories or pictures you’d like to share, he can be reached at 632-9111 or by e-mail at satherton@turlockmemorialpark.com.


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