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Turlock City News

Two Arrested for Traffic and Narcotic Offenses


At about 11:02pm Wednesday, Turlock Police Officer Mulhim made a traffic stop in the 1000 block of S. First Street.

Mulhim made contact with and identified the vehicle’s two occupants, driver Ruben Zepeda, 35, of Turlock, and passenger Adrian Hernandez, 51, of Turlock. Hernandez identified himself as his son.

When Mulhim had his dispatcher run Zepeda and Hernandez’s son, he discovered Zepeda’s driver’s license was expired and he was on searchable probation for auto theft.

Zepeda and Hernandez were removed from the vehicle and detained in handcuffs. Hernandez’s lie was discovered and he turned out to have a local misdemeanor bench warrant for driving with a suspended license and possession of methamphetamines.

No contraband was located during a subsequent probation search.

Zepeda and Hernandez were arrested and released on citations, Zepeda for driving without a valid license and failing to provide evidence of financial responsibility to a peace officer, and Hernandez on his warrant.

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